Zed Strip is part of Zed Sheikh Zayed project, developed by Ora Developers and led by famous businessman Naguib Sawiris. Zed Strip adds offices, clinics and retail stores to the integrated residential Zed compound, becoming an ultimate hub for businesses surrounded by unique features. 

In this article, we will dive into the details of Zed Strip, including its location, features, units and prices. 

Location of Zed Strip Sheikh Zayed

Being part of the outstanding Zed compound means that Zed Strip enjoys all the excellent features offered by the project’s location. The project lies at an excellent location at the heart of Sheikh Zayed, specifically in Horreya street. 

The project overlooks Sheikh Zayed Park, and also units of Zed Strip Sheikh Zayed enjoy being near a number of main roads that make reaching the complex very easy, just minutes away from 26th of July axis and Cairo Alexandria Desert road. 

Owning an office or store in such a location enjoying being at the heart of Sheikh Zayed and near these roads mean that you are 8 minutes from American Plaza, the famous integrated complex, 9 minutes Cairo University’s new campus, 9 minutes from Hyper One market and 11 minutes from Arkan Plaza. 

Features and services of Zed Strip Sheikh Zayed 

Beside enjoying the many features and services in the locations minutes away from Zed compound where Zed Strip is located, the Zed Strip complex also enjoys the features of Zed Sheikh Zayed compound, which are excellent ones. 

The offered features and services include a central park, landscapes, green areas, swimming pools and 24 hours 7 days a week security. 

It also means that your office, clinic or commercial store will be surrounded by an entertainment park, clubhouse, gym, spa, crystal lakes, boulevard, bike lanes, private parking spaces, mini malls, sport playgrounds and academies and much more features that make it a great place to enjoy work and also life. 

If you own a residential unit beside the business unit in Zed Sheikh Zayed, you will be enjoying these features among other high end features like smart homes. 

Speaking of the Zed Strip complex from inside, the units are offered with full finishing and they are designed to have breathtaking views and excellent use of space. You’ll also find all the services you need inside the complex including a gym, supermarket, pharmacy, bookstore and more. 

Units and prices of Zed Strip Sheikh Zayed 

The project offers a variety of units of various types including offices, clinics and retail stores. The prices of the units of Strip vary according to the area and other factors and they start at 63.9 square meters and up to 311.15 square meters, giving you full flexibility to decide. 

The prices of the offices start at EGP 2,594,000 for the 63.9 square meters office and at every price up to EGP 16,617,000 offices of 311.15 square meters. You can find other units at EGP 3,4,5,6,9,11 million. 

The flexible payment plans allow you to pay 10 percent down payment, 5 percent on contracting and paying the rest through 6 year instalments. 

About Ora Developers

Ora Developers is a leading real estate company led by famous engineer Naguib Sawiris and is fastly growing in the real estate market in Egypt, beside its international projects. 

The company is behind a number of successful projects including Zed in Sheikh Zayed, Zed East in New Cairo and Ora Resort North Coast. 

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