As the pioneering real estate company building a residential project in New Mansoura City. City Edge are excited to see the future come to life with a project bound to flourish amidst the promising new capital of the Delta. With a vow of a new future equipped with technological advancements, trade, commercial as well as retail opportunities. Zahya New Mansoura will only provide more clarity for the vision of this new city. By housing its residents in homes that provide complete living experiences.

As a hybrid of modernity, nature and balance. Zahya New Mansoura makes all pieces of the puzzle fall together. With a city built on the foundations of progress as well as futuristic achievements complemented with the unwinding bliss of nature.

Zahya New Mansoura Location:

Zahya New Mansoura is one of the new cities that follow urban communities. They have been built according to the Republican Resolution issued in 2017. As a result, the location of Zahya New Mansoura has been carefully selected by the Egyptian government. It is in the heart of Dakahlia along 15 km of the coast. Near Gamasa and bordered from the east by New Damietta and to the west by Baltim, which is 20 km away. It is also 150 km from Alexandria.

The New City is about 54 km from the old city of Mansoura. It will be linked by an electric train that will take only 15 minutes, it’s planned to be the new capital city of Delta.

The Developer:

City Edge Developments develops and manages the development of high-end real estate projects. In addition to a diversified land bank for third–party accounts containing indirect real estate holdings under their management that span a range of investments across all asset classes including residential, hospitality, retail, office and education.

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