Sodic is a widely known real estate development company that focuses on luxurious residential compounds. VYE Sheikh Zayed is one of the latest projects by Sodic, offering a one new destination that focuses on luxury and integrated services, at a perfect location at the extension of Sheikh Zayed. 

VYE Sheikh Zayed location

VYE Sodic lies at the extension of Sheikh Zayed city, and near gate 44 of Cairo Alexandria. The perfect and smart location of the compound makes it also part of Sheikh Zayed city, while still being at a relatively new location. 

The unique location of the compound makes it near Sphinx airport at only 4 minutes, beside being near Akbar mall at only 12 minutes from it. It is also 15 minutes from the new Great Egyptian Museum that is being built. 

VYE Sheikh Zayed is also 30 minutes from Mohandeseen, 45 minutes from Heliopolis, on the other side of Greater Cairo. It is also near a number of main roads that connect it to various spots in the city, including 26th of July corridor, ring road and Cairo Alexandria desert road. 

Designs of VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed  

Sodic Sheikh Zayed is built on an area of 150 feddans, hosting the units, alongside the green areas and services. The selection of Sheikh Zayed to be the place where such a unique compound is developed is no storage, as it is one of the most promising cities in Egypt with a growing population of over 300,000 residents until now. 

The compound is designed with world class luxurious standards, with only 13% of the area for the residential units, and the rest of 87% for wide green areas, swimming pools and service facilities, offering top level privacy and luxury. 

The compound offers standalone villas in addition to town and twin houses with a separate name “Sol”. Sol town and twin homes operate on solar energy only for the first time in Egypt. 

Services and features of VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed  

VYE compound in Sheikh Zayed offers a wide range of services and features for the residents. The services include anything that residents would want to not leave the compound. 

Healthy, entertaining life 

The compound offers green areas covering most of it, so that you find the green colour wherever you look at VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed. Between these areas, running and cycling lanes are designed to let you enjoy a daily healthy lifestyle, beside the healthy atmosphere offered away from Downtown, and breathing with the green areas. 

VYE also offers many swimming pools that can be seen from inside many of the units and can be enjoyed anytime of the year whether in summer or winter with temperature regulating systems. 

More safety, excellent shopping experience 

On the commercial side, VYE offers a unique shopping experience with a large mall that has branches of brands and stores to fulfill any possible needs for the residents. 

Security is also an aspect that was prioritized at the compound, as it offers 24/7 security with trained guards and cameras covering the most important spots of the compound to prevent any intruder. 

Integrated service and facilities of VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed 

The compound also hosts a number of facilities and services including the sports club, jacuzzi, gym, spa, and the medical centre and the pharmacy which operates 25 hours. In addition, it has an area for banking and governmental services. 

The compound also has an area for family gathering and barbecue, as well as a garage to prevent any possible traffic inside, helping create a better community that people love to experience. Sol town and twin homes offer an additional unique feature of operating with solar power. 

VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed units 

VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed compound has a total of 545 units, developed with high standards and divided into standalone villas on a side, with the other side for town and twin houses called Sol, and operating with solar power. 

Sol in Sol Town and Twin Homes, refers to solar power, just to highlight the biggest and most unique feature of the twin and town houses offered at VYE. 

The areas of the villas in the compound start at 314 square meters and up to 432 square meters, while the town houses start at 260 square meters and the twin houses start at 290 square meters. 

Prices of VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed  

Sodic ensured that the VYE compound in Sheikh Zayed is also competitive in terms of payment plans just like in terms of services and features. 

The payment plans allow buyers to pay a down payment of only 5% and 8 year installments. The unit is then delivered with a maximum of 4 years after resevening it. 

Developer of VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed  

Sodic for real estate development is the developer behind VYE Sheikh Zayed, and it is one of the most famous real estate developers in Egypt right now. The company focuses on luxurious residential projects that create unique communities. 

Among the projects of Sodic are ones in Sixth of October, New Cairo and Heliopolis, as the company focuses on both the eastern and western sides of Greater Cairo. The projects include: 

  • West Town Sixth of October 
  • East Town Fifth Settlement 
  • Villette 
  • Sodic East New Heliopolis 

The Developer:

Building on a history of almost two decades of successful operation in Egypt, SODIC is one of the country’s leading real estate development companies. Headquartered in Cairo and listed on the Egyptian stock exchange, SODIC brings to the market award-winning large scale developments, meeting Egypt’s ever growing need for high quality housing, commercial and retail spaces. We pride ourselves on our passion for excellence and commitment to fostering long-term relationships with our clients, shareholders, business partners and employees, which has helped us grow to the corporation we are today.

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