SODIC’s newest gated community in New Cairo, Villette New Cairo, is designed with spaciousness and prosperity in mind. Houses are generously laid out along a network of broad, multifunctional streets. Every home and every community facility overlooks an expanse of green spaces, designed for much more than just viewing

Villette New Cairo Design

To create the exceptionally multifaceted landscapes of Villette, we opted for none other than SWA, the renowned US-based urban planning, design and landscape architecture company. SWA has a strong international track record in master-planning, and their values of balancing natural and
built environments as well as their social, cultural and economic objectives ally with our own philosophy underlying the creation of Villette, which made them a perfect development partner for this project.

Villette features four pocket parks as part of its signature offering; a community park, a sports park, a meditation park and entertainment park. The parks encompass a total area equivalent to 10 times the size of a standard football field, designed to serve a wide range of diverse recreational interests that cater to different ages and lifestyles. The development is predominantly composed of green space all around. With houses making up just a third of its overall area and walkable green spaces covering a substantial part of the whole project.

Villette boasts the largest green zones between neighbors in East Cairo – a minimum distance of eight meters between adjacent homes at any given point. With 6.70 meter-wide internal streets, Villette offers some of the widest areas between opposite houses in the area as well. In fact, it has one of the biggest networks of main roads, jogging tracks and biking trails – all interconnected to create one large community. Being a source of wellness, energy, fine entertainment and pure inspiration, Villette offers its residents the rejuvenation and serenity of suburban life coupled with the action of a very social and energetic town center.

Villette New Cairo Location

The development is five minutes away from both Road 90 and Egypt’s New Capital, hence in close proximity to AUC, Eastown and a number of other high-end residential and retail developments. Strategically positioned in one of the Fifth Settlement’s most attractive spots, Villette’s accessibility does not affect its seclusion and privacy – making it one of the area’s most sought-after addresses.

Designed Greenery

Villette has a particular tranquil ambiance that reigns over its 301 acres of land. When developing Villette’s master-plan; they decided to move away from golf courses which only cater to the needs of a selected few. Since
golf courses offer non-golfers nothing more to enjoy than just the view of those otherwise unusable stretches of green space. They proposed intelligently designed green spaces to empower all of Villette’s residents no matter what their age or interests.

Following through, we set about designing a place that blends relaxation with action in a creative way. With Villette’s open green spaces that constitute 52% of the development, we made sure that there was something for everyone. We landscaped four signature pocket parks specifically for the aficionados of culture, wellness, sports and social activities respectively. All four parks are cleverly linked together via open spaces and circulation networks. These networks run through a total foot print of 15% of the project’s built up areas.

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