About Mountain View iCity

One of the best residential compounds in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. This famous project contains many important services and features. The residents of the compound can do many different activities. An example, you can walk and run on exclusive tracks. In addition to many other advantages that you will not anywhere else. Throughout it, you will feel like you are in an amazing city. The company is famous for other projects in Egypt. Mountain View have projects in New Cairo, North Coast, 6 October City, and Ain Sokhna. There are many villas for sale in Mountain View iCity at great prices and in different areas.

Vital Location

The owner company, Mountain View (DMG), chose a strategic location that could be surrounded by all service areas. Moreover, it is close to all the vital areas that are in the Fifth Settlement. It is also near the New Capital and Al Rehab City. It is located near Hyde Park. Mountain View iCity is a huge project with all the services that a person may need at any time. This is why the site is one of the most successful choices for the company. It is also near the American University. This provides education for obtaining high-quality university. 

The location of the compound also allows the residents of the project to go to that great international university easily. However, Mountain View iCity project is not far from the main streets of the Fifth Settlement, which is 90th Street. There are only seven minutes between Mountain View iCity and Al Rehab City. The compound is near the large and famous main roads that can be found in New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement area. They are the Suez Road as well as Ain Sokhna Road. It easily connects the New Administrative Capital in a short period of time.

Features of villas for sale in Mountain View iCity

It contains sports club and a central park, which motivates adults and children to practice more different sports. A jogging track and plenty of benches to read books or relax. The compound includes many restaurants and cafes that serve international and local cuisines to meet the needs of the residents. In addition, the prices of residential units in the compound are the best relative to the rest of New Cairo. The company offers many easy ways to pay for a unit without a down payment. The company provides a great deal of privacy that each individual should enjoy within his or her residential unit. Mountain View iCity also features all these things at the prices of Mountain View iCity. Therefore, Mountain View is famous for offering the most possible.

Services of Villas for sale in Mountain View iCity

Mountain View iCity includes many important services. There are two large gardens. Many green spaces. Several pools are inside the enclosure to meet everyone’s wishes. A large administrative building. Security personal in addition to the presence of surveillance cameras. A large cornice on the surface of the water; it is the size of the Alexandria Corniche. Shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes. Private school. Furthermore, waste recycling is one of the great services available to residents; it helps the community preserve the environment. As well as, track dedicated to running and sports. It is located in the middle of nature and beautiful green spaces for a healthy life. Gym and spa. Ample spaces for holding parties, especially barbecues. A commercial area with many shops and famous brands. Providing medical centres. Many recreational facilities, including artificial fountains, are available within Mountain View iCity.

 Also Mountain View adds a kind of comfort and fun to the area. Due to the availability of these features, Mountain View iCity is a dream. Establishment of private garages for residents’ cars with a mountain view. Work has been done to ensure that these garages are located under the buildings. It is one of the things that can contribute to reducing traffic congestion and making things more organized, such as providing more space. Lastly, Mountain View iCity has 6 parks, they are: Central Park, Club Park, Creek Park, Lagoon Park, Mountain Park, and Royal Park.

Spaces and Prices of Mountain View iCity

In fact, The spaces and types of units within this huge project vary. There are “apartments, separate villas, and townhouses”. The areas and prices of the payment plan in these units are as follows. The apartment prices range from 150 square meters to 165 square meters, and their prices range from 2.5 to 2.6 million EGP. As for the “iVilla Garden” and “iVilla Roof” villas, their areas range from 220 square meters to 230 square meters, and their prices range from 3.7 million pounds to 4.5 million EGP. Townhouses also with spaces start from 230 m² up to 250 m², and prices range from 7.3 to 7.5 million EGP. 

Detached villas also range in size from 215 square meters to 340 square meters; their prices start from 10.5 million EGP. As for the payment systems in Mountain View iCity, they are as follows: the customer pays the contracting supplier 10% of the unit value and pays the rest of the amount within 8 and a half years in equal installments. The customer pays to a contracted provider 10% of the unit value, then 5% after 6 months, and pays the rest of the amount within 9 years in equal installments. The units will be ready within 4 years with an 8% maintenance down payment. If you want to learn more about properties in Egypt; visit isqan.com, the top real estate searching platform in Egypt.