Free from high-rise buildings and sky-view blockers, The Ridge The City of Odyssia is presenting a villa-only community. It’s where you can embrace the freedom of the wide open landscapes and the beauty of the limitless sky view.

About The Ridge The City of Odyssia

Located in The City of Odyssia and spanning over 220 acres, The Ridge offers several unit types, Standalone Villas, Twin Houses, as well as Townhouses. It’s also features 2 clubhouses to maintain the convenience of its residents’ day-to-day activities and leisure time.

About the City Of Odyssia

It’s where the untold stories are, the unleashed luxury is, and the gloriousness of life lays.  The City of Odyssia is not just a city, it’s a journey of living the life of exploration and self-expression. It’s where the story of who you really are is being told, and embraced…

The City of Odyssia brings together standalone villas, townhouses, twin houses and apartments. All within one connected community that is as vivacious as the vivid vibes of its people. Offering luxurious yet comfortable amenities. As a result, The City of Odyssia creates a vibrant lifestyle by balancing work with a life full of wellbeing and fun. While exploring the wonders of The City of Odyssia; you will find health care centers, art and culture fairs, music festivals, technology hub, production studios, sport facilities, a luxurious boutique hotel, Retail Avenue, premium shopping and dining areas, tranquil green spaces, in addition to more of what shapes the lifestyle you aspire for.

The City of Odyssia: Location

Located 30 km east of Greater Cairo. The City of Odyssia is well connected with New Cairo City to the west. As well as New Capital City to the east. It also has excellent international connectivity with direct access to Cairo International Airport to the west and the New Capital Airport to the east.


A vibrant city with something for everyone. The City of Odyssia connects everyone by providing a shared collective experience that engages all the senses, as well as enriches your lives. From arts and culture, sports and health, tranquility and greenery, all the way to socializing, learning and creating, the result is a community that harmoniously integrates life, work and play into one. With amenities that add value to your day-to-day life. As a result, the reward is an elevated understanding of how to become the best version of yourself.

The City of Odyssia is a sustainable destination that is made alive with its people. All facilities are designed to cater to your everyday needs, allowing you to be integrated with a community of like-minded people who share your same values, beliefs, and passions.


From parks, themed gardens, pocket parks and courtyards, our outdoor green spaces allow for nourishing activities for the energetic. As well as a place for friends and family to gather and socialize. With a play area for the kids to join in on the good times and start creating memories.

As a city that promises the ideal experience for each of its residents. The City of Odyssia brings together standalone villas, townhouses, twin houses and apartments, all within one connected community that is made alive with its people.

A city that gives you the chance to nurture your talents. By reveling in the Arts & Culture fair, the music festivals, or through learning at the designers’ studios, or production studios. Moreover, there will always be something to engage in and enhance your passion to unleash your talents.

Whether you’re a start-up. Or looking to re- locate your business to a more convenient setting for your growing business needs. Their business district is equipped to provide you with an enjoyable working space. Their lifestyle district provides the luxuries of our boutique hotel. Along with a retail avenue with retail areas that cater to all your shopping and dining needs.

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About Al Ahly Sabbour

AL Ahly For Real Estate Development was established in 1994 as a joint venture between Al Ahly National Bank of Egypt and Hussein Sabbour Consulting. Moreover, the joining of forces between these two major entities paved the way for the establishment of one of the largest real estate developers in the region; a pioneer in its domain, providing the highest possible standards of living.

With a ground breaking history, and reputable successes across diverse fields. Al Ahly for Real Estate Development engineered several projects. For example, those projects ranged from residential developments, retail, mixed use developments to business and medical complexes. As well as social clubs, hotels and touristic resorts.

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