The Peak Joulz architecture is very unique, the project’s seemingly unassuming design has much more sophisticated purposes. By focusing on natural light, the architects designed each unit with spacious patios and bright sun wells. They also brought nature in from outside because they installed trees, and other water elements to create an inner garden that does more than purify the air, it creates each tenant’s own personal heaven. The focus on nature aims to soften the harsh and dusty weather on the outskirts of Cairo.

The Peak – Joulz Inertia Masterplan

Developed by Inertia Egypt , Joulz consists of range of distinguished stand-alone units and twin houses to townhouses and apartments. These units make up 30% of the development area which are surrounded by lush, vibrant vegetation. Units have unique views catering to tenants. Joulz’ curving jogging trails located throughout the neighborhood aims to maximise the resident’s experience. Joulz also provides jogging and bicycle lanes. Each area inside the compound has a nearby children’s playground. Moreover, Joulz will have several ramps installed to guarantee ease of movement in all areas of the compound.

Joulz’ architecture harnesses light to transport its community from the smog of the city to radiance; doing so by integrating natural elements inside each home to create a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

The Location

Strategically located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, almost 20 minutes away from Mohandeseen and moments away from the Ring Road. With an abundance of greenery, Joulz provides a peaceful, and scenic get-away in a private community for its residents.

With a strategic location, the development is a retreat that allows its residents to enjoy extensive green expanses surrounding their homes. Joulz stands out from the crowd as its units are all designed to capture as much of nature as possible, inviting in light to brighten their homes and every day activities. The community will relish the sun setting, as the sky turns to twilight, where their surroundings still and all that can be heard is the breeze gently rustling the foliage. At night, tenants can enjoy the serenity of Joulz.

The Peak Joulz Masterplan

Master Plan The Peak Joulz

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