Maxim Developemtns is proudly launching its latest project The Canyon Mostakbal City. A one step ahead community , just few minutes away from Cairo Suez Highway, Road 90 and Cairo Sokhna highway and Mohamed Bin Zayed Road connecting New Administrative Capital with New Cairo. The whole new concept of “The Canyon” sends you to the woods where you are surrounded by Green Dense trees. This not only gives you the pleasure of walking in the shades but your children will love the tree houses.

The tree houses are built in the tree branches for children to play in. They can even invite their friends to spend splendid adventurous nights. The Canyons are flowing through the woods, connecting the neighborhoods. Walking by the canyon, you can choose your passion whether jogging on the jogging tracks, riding your bicycle on designated lanes, or even take your family and friends to the park where you will find seats and a grill for your usage.

The Canyon Mostakbal City Comunity Perks

Canyon Town     Has Garden views, Dense green trees, Bicycle lanes, Park areas, as well as Canyon walks. You could also enjoy a delicious dinner while watching your youngsters play at their state of the art club house or even go to our health club and enjoy a variety of services. Last but not least a special place for all serenity activities. It is up to you to choose your appetite.

Canyon Ville
Town houses
Villa type A
Villa type B

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About Maxim Developments

The company was founded on the basis of contributing to upgrade Egyptians quality of life. This will be done by by seizing every potential opportunity in various sectors of the market. As well as providing exceptional quality projects, products and services to the community. All whilst ensuring optimum customer satisfaction and return on investments.

As real estate pioneers, whenever we start a project we have a target to deliver a complete living experience. Our commercial areas in different parts of the country comply with Maxim’s high standards. 

Since its establishment, Maxim Real Estate Investment has been reinforcing the Company’s mission to enrich the daily lives of its clients in every way deemed possible; we achieve this by identifying basic needs and developing befitting projects; in other words we bridge the gap between demand and supply. We are forever committed to providing our clients with residences they can call home, whether in Cairo city or in the booming suburbs such as East Cairo.

By providing Exceptional quality projects, products and services to the community we aspire to enhance the quality of life impacting not only the market but also everyone’s lifestyle.
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