Tawny is a breathtaking luxurious compound of villa units, bringing peaceful residences at the heart of 6th of October city. Tawny is carefully designed to become a unique, breathing community with sprawling life all over its corners. 

Why Tawny Villas is a special residential compound

Tawny is designed carefully to offer an experience that is between the serenity of small towns and the modernity of urban cities, bringing the best of each together into one integrated residential community. 

The compound is brought by Hyde Park Developments, the real estate developer behind the Hyde Park compound in the fifth settlement, one of the most successful, demanded and unique compounds in New Cairo. 

The Hyde Park investments have surpassed 5 billion Egyptian pounds, with the company having Arsenal FC as a partner. 

The luxury of Hyde Park has redefined the limits in the market back when it was launched, and here it comes again but this time in the west. 

Location of Tawny Villas Compound 6th of October 

At a perfect spot west of Cairo, Tawny is built over a total area of 31 acres, full of green areas, water surfaces and luxurious villas. The location of the compound is strategic, as it lies at the extension of 6th of October, and at the same time near a number of landmarks and main roads. 

The compound oversees Gezira Sporting Club, and is near a number of malls, schools, universities and business centres. It is also easily reachable from a number of main roads that connect it to various locations. 

These roads include 26 of july corridor that connects it to 6th of October and Downtown Cairo, Cairo Alexandria Desert road that is now full of new compounds and services, in addition to Wahat road. 

Units and prices of Tawny villas 6th of October 

Tawny Villas 6th of October brings only villas with no apartments or residential buildings in the compound. The luxurious compound offers separate villas as well as twin houses and townhouses. 

The quad townhouses are expected to have an average price of EGP 5.6 million, while the town middle houses have an expected price of EGP 5.4 million and the town corner houses are expected to cost EGP 6.7 million on average. 

The twin houses are expected to cost an average of EGP 7.1 million and the separate villas are expected to cost EGP 8.7 million, on average. 

Payment facilities of Tawny Villas 6th of October

Hyde Park Developments offers payment facilities for all of the units of Tawny Villas. The payment facilities allow buyers to pay 5 percent of the unit price after 3 months from reserving it, 10 percent after one year, then the rest as 8 year installments.