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Hassan Allam Properties

Since 2000, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP) has carved an enviable niche for itself as an exclusive boutique developer, building intimate communities where families always come first.

For three consecutive generations, Hassan Allam’s family attained a proud heritage in crafting exclusive communities where families come together to enjoy the finest luxuries of life. Starting from lifetime unions to new births, their handpicked communities exclusively grow in prime locations, welcoming neighbors who would soon form lasting friendships. The family-like ties and hassle-free lifestyles that bind them together add a whole new dimension, not only to the value of their lifetime properties, but also to the true essence of life. Hassan Allam Properties circle of trust, is where exclusivity, charm and harmony are synonymous with everyday life.

For years, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP) has been crafting unrivaled experiences for families. Through its community-centric developments, every corner has been reinvented into an exclusive haven that stimulates a lineage of lifestyles, ideas and individual interests. Every home at HAP’s developments is truly worth a lifetime investment. Within unmatched surroundings, their hand-picked communities grow stronger together, looking after one another from one heritage to the next. Their thriving communities are guaranteed unparalleled experiences, adorned with unconditional privacy, world-class hospitality and integrated living that last for generations to come, from our family to yours.