Harnessing the naturally welcoming and spirited generosity of its people, Somabay Developments reinvents hospitality with utmost passion every day. As a world-class destination defined by enchanting landscapes and extravagant living, we dauntlessly pursue perfection in the intricate designing of your every experience.

You are a jewel on the cushion of our hospitality. We anticipate your every whim and endeavor to exceed expectations by leaps and bounds in the fulfillment of your unspoken desires. Taking pride in your pleasure, we strive to create a world of endless entertainment and gourmet cuisines for everyone in the family.

Home is where the heart is. Residential or resort, Somabay is your unique destination for grandeur living and picturesque beauty.

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Somabay Developments Projects:

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The Experience:

Experience luxury in every thoughtful detail where prestige hospitality is rediscovered with genuine warmth and passion. Awaken forgotten desires and build unforgettable memories to fuel a lifetime of inspiration.

Somabay is where glorious coastlines meet modern-day opulence in the land of vibrant culture and mystical history. Succumb to the alluring siren of Somabay, your destination that surpasses the frontier of euphoria and tranquility.

Geography and location:

Somabay’s location is ideally situated on the eastern shores of Egypt on the Red Sea coast just 20 minutes by car from Hurghada International Airport. Only a 4 hour flight from Central Europe, the ten million square meters, self-contained community is surrounded with three sides of the sea. The resort location boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Red Sea and panoramic views of desert mountains.


  • Kempinski
  • The Cascades Golf Resort, Spa and Thalasso
  • The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge
  • ROBINSON Club Somabay
  • Sheraton Resort

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