Soma Breeze Somabay’s modern low-rise buildings enjoy an architectural language that is young and perfectly suited for the seaside. Featuring 8 different product types with one, two and three bedroom apartments, Soma Breeze Somabay offering ensures you find a home that best suits your needs. All homeowners are spoiled with the incredible scenery of the golf course’s award winning design and top-notch landscapes at SOMABAY.

Soma Breeze Somabay: Location

Ideally located on the sea, Soma Breeze Somabay Apartments spoil their homeowners with uninterrupted views of the beautiful crystal clear blue waters. In addition to being the closest residential project to the sea. A couple of minutes drive is what separates its residents from all main attractions in Somabay. By choosing a home in Soma Breeze, you are choosing a home with an unparalleled location.

Because they believe in a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle. They have ensured Soma Breeze homeowners are spoiled down to the very last detail. Pools will cater to different residential blocks to ensure your mornings are never too crowded and that the nearest pool lies a few steps away from your doorstep.

Located in proximity to all housings, a homeowner exclusive clubhouse is set to be a one-stop-shop featuring state-of-the-art gymnasium, miscellaneous eateries, and all your everyday essentials. At Soma Breeze, we believe you can truly experience nature’s honest beauty when premium services come with effortless access.

Soma Breeze Somabay: Details

  • 1 bedroom apartment
  • 2 bedrooms apartment
  • 3 bedrooms apartment
  • 3 bedrooms pent House
  • 10% down payment + 7 years payment plan

Master Plan

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About Soma Bay

Nestled on 10 million square meters of lush land, life at Somabay is where fantasy-scapes follow you wherever you go and sun drenched activities take infinite elevating forms. Expertly conceived to evoke a laid-back European feel. Every aspect of the heavenly development is sympathetic to nature, painting colorful experiences around its lively marina and soul-soothing jetty, so you can take recharge or decelerate. Home to 5 luxury resort hotels and a signature portfolio of residential properties. Somabay’s one-of-a-kind settings with its full complement of premium amenities are the stage for incomparable experiences alongside friends and family.

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