SIX West Sodic completes the pillars of SODIC West in the North West corner. As the mixed-use destination it capitalizes on the retail, commercial and residential components. In addition to its proximity to the SODIC Sports Club, providing the owners a full sustained and well serviced development. 

SODIC West is Sheikh Zayed largest mixed-use destination, offering the benefit of downtown living away from the urban city. That is to say, it is twice the size of Zamalek, SODIC West embraces meticulously master-planned, exciting upscale residential, commercial and retail developments Allegria, Forty West, Westown Hub, The polygon, The Strip just to name a few. Moreover, SIX West is meticulously designed around a central piazza. Both homes and offices promise exclusiveness and privacy. It is carefully planned to maintain the concept of the promenade. Also it provides exclusive wide open views of the clubhouse with maximum wind exposure during the Egyptian summer heat. 

Six West Sodic Location

SIX West boasts a strategic location, situated on the north-west side of SODIC West. Overlooking Dahshour Road and Cairo-Alex Desert Road. As a result, The ease of access and clear visibility along the two main roads; along with the close proximity to Westown’s Clubhouse, impose a prime value to the project. 


The residential component is envisioned to become an exclusive offering with premium and unparalleled views. Homes will either enjoy an open view overlooking the green fields of the SODIC Sports Club. Or the central open piazza. Moreover, SIX West Sodic retail is envisioned to be a pedestrian friendly development that cultivates a creative environment and complements the retail promenade along road B. As a result, enhancing the experience of those working, visiting or living. This will be achieved and reflected through the design and architecture. By making it easily accessible and connected, with outdoor spaces rich in greenery. The Piazza is positioned as the nucleus of the project, around which all project elements and activities will blossom. 

SIX West Sodic will provide a breathing space not only to the project but also to the entire community, with food and beverage stores lining the piazza and adequate shaded areas and seating structures. Above all, the master Plan was envisioned to maximize the views on the SODIC Sports Club, the business piazza, and the residential piazza to offer the open landscape areas and outdoor, that allow for recreational living. The twist in the architectural design is reflected in the elevations with a dynamic feel and a unique identity that complements the SODIC Sports Club with its activities and vibrancy. It’s designed to provide both open views and privacy along with a modern design and responsive elements to climate.


  • Secure and gated community, part of the whole SODIC West community.
  • Safe, pedestrian-friendly roads.
  • Near and overlooking the fully-fledged SODIC Sports Club.
  • Access points for gardening and maintenance.
  • Extremely durable and washable exterior facades.

The Developer:

Building on a history of almost two decades of successful operation in Egypt, SODIC is one of the country’s leading real estate development companies. Headquartered in Cairo and listed on the Egyptian stock exchange, SODIC brings to the market award-winning large scale developments, meeting Egypt’s ever growing need for high quality housing, commercial and retail spaces. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our passion for excellence and commitment to fostering long-term relationships with our clients, shareholders, business partners and employees, which has helped us grow to the corporation we are today.

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