The housing choices that Seasons HAPTOWN offers to its residents are extraordinary nestled amidst 46% open space of lush greenery and foliage. Seasons HAPTOWN A wide-range of villas and twin houses is spread over a land area of 119k sqm. standing out in contemporary forms, every home allows for versatile living experiences ranging across form and function. Furthermore, it syncs with contemporary elegance and uninterrupted harmony.

Seasons HAPTOWN Sustainable Environment

In Seasons HAPTOWN luxuriant terrains, a pedestrian culture also comes to being. Distinct neighborhood streets are dedicated for the community’s walking, running and biking luxury, encouraging car-free, noise free and calm settings, where people can relax, move and grow for generations to come.


Situated in a prime location Haptown Mostakbal City emerges with unmatched suburban convenience. The town stands out as New Cairo’s latest extension, while exclusively overlooking south of Mostakbal Road. Being only driving minutes away from the capital’s eastern and north-eastern vicinities, Haptown’s residents are in close proximity to the Cairo-Suez highway, the Cairo-Sokhna highway and Road 90. While enjoying nearby convenience to the capital’s central destinations, residents can thrive with the immediate proximity provided for their everyday errands and needs. Their surrounding neighborhoods as well as the town’s mixed-use area, commercial district and business center lie only a few minutes from their door steps. Far from the city’s noise and crowds, Haptown Mostakbal City features unparalleled proximity amidst lush surroundings and a vibrant community.


In CallisonRTKL’s design, the 1,021,902 sqm development emerges into a distinct, intimate and vibrant town. With outstanding excellence, the town offers a world-class range of contemporary townhouses and sophisticated apartments, designed by CallisonRTKL, and elegant villas, designed by the Egyptian acclaimed architectures, Alchemy.

With private access dedicated for the residents and public access for the visitors, the town offers balanced traffic experiences from the surrounding streets to the central mixed-use area. The commercial district spans an area of 24,000 sqm, attracting a huge variety of retail and dining experiences on its ground-floor promenade; while offering world-class business opportunities across 49,000 sqm of office spaces in the upper floors. Additionally, to elevate the feeling of safety inside Haptown, all car transportations are centralized in specific areas. Subsequently, residents can enjoy the luxuriant experience of walking and biking, while commuting with club-carts between each neighborhood.


For years, Hassan Allam Properties has developed premium residential areas where communities thrived and unique stories emerged. Today, Hassan Allam Properties’ flagship developments, Seasons and Park View, come together in one premium city center, Haptown. In this integrated center point, communities fuse together, family-centric environments emerge and unrivaled experiences happen. Every experience creates a chronical of narratives that collectively shape the community’s future stories. Situated in a prime location within Mostakbal City, Haptown offers versatile living opportunities, balanced open landscapes, vibrant outdoor momentum, dynamic fitness settings, integrated mixed-use areas and a functional business district. Beyond its magnitude of features, the town flourishes for future generations to come.


The housing choices that Haptown offers to its residents are extraordinary. A wide-range of villas, townhouses and apartments nestled amidst varying landscapes of foliage and greenery. Standing out in contemporary forms, every home allows for versatile living experiences ranging across form and function. From the standalone homes that offer exclusive privacy to soaring skyline condos that provide prestigious altitude, Haptown syncs with contemporary elegance and uninterrupted harmony.


From the spacious layouts that offer prestigious living setups, to the floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance natural lighting and air circulation. Haptown guarantees exquisite indoor ambiances that effortlessly blend with outdoor settings.


Haptown Mostakbal City is anchored around two exclusive neighborhoods that highlight its distinct concept of integrated living. The eminent neighborhoods are flagship developments of Hassan Allam Properties, which shape the town’s premium residential districts. Seasons and Park View, each neighborhood thrives with its unique design and function, while collectively attracting unparalleled privacy and tranquility.


Haptown is expansive with landscapes that promote unlimited breathing spaces and luxuriant settings. Across the ground leveled terrains and uplifted skylines, residents can enjoy outstretched perspectives of public and semi-public parks. As well, lush courtyards and secluded gardens offer every home direct access to scenic luxury, refreshing every homeowner with opulent living experiences.


Haptown boosts the community’s ecological awareness through a multitude of ecofriendly approaches and designs. Haptown encourages cleaner and greener settings. The town also applies a cool city design approach and reduces solar reflections as well as heat islands, to invigorate its community with refreshing surroundings. Moreover, distinct neighborhood streets are dedicated for the community’s walking, running and biking luxury, encouraging car-free, noise free and calm settings, where people can relax, move and grow for generations to come


Contemporary designed parks and pathways stimulate a culture where people walk, jog, run and bike with every passing day. Walking amidst lake-view bridges, and strolling along the tarmac pedestrian and cycling lanes are just simple glimpses of everyday experiences. Also, luxuriant parkland pathways and cycle lanes, made out of world-class exposed aggregate concrete and terracotta tarmac, boast active lifestyles. Meanwhile, street sidewalks built with Teguala Paver’s and community-centric pocket parks bring families and individuals together in undisturbed momentum.


The town boasts 157,000 sqm of uninterrupted open spaces, offering its community the premium luxury of strolling along 7.5 km of lavish pedestrian pathways and cycling lanes. The town’s transportation systems aim to provide a proximately car-free environment. To guarantee ecological and sustainable lifestyles for its community. Where surrounding ambiances of tranquility encourage momentum and vibrant energies.


The boutique sports club is a premium fitness and lifestyle destination situated inside Haptown. With close proximity to every neighborhood, the sports club attracts residents and members to its full-fledged fitness luxuries. Its cutting-edge machineries and multi-faceted academies are supervised by world-class trainers who are dedicated to engage and stimulate its members’ health and wellbeing. With competitive edge over other clubs, Haptown sports club soars in scale and prestige, while offering abundant landscapes of greenery and open spaces that suit kids, families and seniors alike.


A multitude of brands, boutique stores and world-class enter- tainment hubs thrive in Haptown’s 24,000 sqm commercial promenade. With ultramodern architectural layouts, the premium destination is a buzzing center point, allowing for experiential lifestyles that boast energy. Contemporary designed facades highlight pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, where families, friends and individuals come together. Moreover, central plazas encourage the fusion of cultures and ideologies within vibrant surroundings, lush landscapes and open spaces. Additionally, retail shops overlook comfortable seating areas that are strategically furnished along the sidewalks for absolute comfort. While in the upper floors, internationally designed office spaces oversee the commercial area’s outstretched boulevard. To offer a unique mix between creative settings and dynamic environments. Within Haptown, this center point of social leisure and retail luxury, narrates unparalleled stories of harmony, fusion and function.


Comprises ultramodern office spaces that span an area of 49,000 sqm. With outstanding layout, the spaces offer brilliant opportunities. Teams can grow together in creative setups, and strategic masterminds can compete across different fields and sectors. Within close proximity to the town’s buzzing hub, Haptown’s business area is a central function that fuses with communal culture, hence, surging with purpose, evolution and success.

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