Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay is one of the unique luxurious resorts in the North Coast, as it has a distinctive location beside its variety of services, that all made the name of the resort become well known quickly. The village offers all what people want for their vacation, whether sea or services or entertainment or luxurious design. 

Location of Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay North Coast 

Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay is located at a unique location of the new North Coast. The new North Coast is the part of the North Coast that extends after 103 kilometers on Alexandria Matrouh road, and it has all the newly constructed luxurious resorts known Now. 

The older part of the North Coast extends from 21 kilometers to 103 kilometers, and it has older destinations like El Agamy. 

The location of Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay North Coast is at 131 kilometers on Alexndria Matrouh road, near a number of luxurious resorts like Hacienda Bay North Coast. This part is a very promising spot of the North Coast, and the prices of the units there keeps rising year upon year without stopping. 

The perfect location of Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay makes it only 154 kilometers from the heart of Alexandria city, and 304 kilometers from Downtown Cairo through Wadi El Natrun road. 

Features of Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay North Coast :

The project offers clear and transparent water, alongside the very soft sand this spot of the North Coast is known for. This is one of the biggest reasons that will make Seashell Playa an enjoyable destination, but not the only one. 

The resort offers a modern outstanding design for those looking for luxurious vacations and leisure. The services of the resort are offered to make any resident in no need to leave during the whole vacation time, and they include: 

  • 5 star hotel
  • International hospital
  • 24/7 security 
  • Mosque
  • Restaurants 
  • Cafes
  • Gym and spa
  • Hypermarket 
  • Mall
  • Pharmacies 
  • Green areas 
  • Crystal lagoons 
  • Golf, basketball and football playgrounds
  • Beach club
  • Private garages
  • Kids area
  • Aquapark 

Design of Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay North Coast:

The designs of Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay North Coast follow the world’s highest standards, to ensure the resort is one of the top ones at this spot. 

Beside the blue sea and soft yellow sand, the resort has 80 percent green areas covering it, with the test 20 percent for residential units and services. The design makes residents feel comfortable and healthy while enjoying their privacy. 

The beach of the resort extends on 1.2 kilometers, to make as much units on the sea and enjoying the sea view as possible, without compromising privacy  

Units and Prices of Seashell Playa Ghazala Bay:

The resort offers a variety of units including chalets and villas. Villas of Seashell Playa are offered in areas like 236 square meters, 308 square meters, 315 square meters, 377 square meters, 383 square meters and up to 857 square meters. 

The prices of the villas and the chalets have a wide ranging depending on the area of each, and the resort offers 10 percent down payment and 6 year installments. 

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