Ever experienced a dreamlike life style, like you truly have everything…
Welcome to Scenario New Capital, AKAM Developments’ newest creation.
With exceptional services and extraordinary amenities, you can choose your very own scenario and have the power to shape your home.
Live your own magical scenario and experience a life of unlimited opportunities.

Forget the challenges of the real world and step into your own selected SCENARIO.

Scenario New Capital Masterplan:

Scenario New Capital was built based on the concept of creating a relaxing environment that provides you with all your needs while maintaining a sense of home and security.

  • 1. Club House
  • 2. Central Kitchen
  • 3. Central Service Area
  • 4. Indoor Swimming Pool
  • 5. Amphitheatre
  • 6. Roof Gym
  • 7. Roof Garden
  • 8. Roof Pool
  • 9. Relaxation Area
  • 10. Gym
  • 11. Kids Swimming Pool
  • 12. Reading Area
  • 13. Barbecue Area
  • 14. Yoga Area
  • 15. Swimming Pool
  • 16. Mosque
  • 17. Commercial area

The Location:

In the heart of New Capital in R7 area, Scenario offers you a prime location within close proximity to:  

  • The British University of Egypt
  • The Governmental Complex
  • Expo City
  • The Green River
  • The Central Commercial Zone
  • The Medical City

New Administrative Capital:

The real-estate market in Egypt has been booming for the last few years. The strong demand and positive market conditions are opening vast investment opportunities and attracting investors from all over the world. The new capital offers luxuriant lifestyle as well as better working environment through it’s residential and administrative buildings; providing ease of access and comfort through a prime location. It gives hope for better future by creating new job opportunities and easing congestion in the greater Cairo.

The new administrative and financial capital will house; ministries, governmental institutions, private corporations and foreign embassies. It will include almost 21 residential districts, 2,000 educational institutions and more than 600 health care facilities.

The Developer:

AKAM addresses the needs and priorities of it’s clients and partners. Our objective is to become one of the leading real-estate developers in the region building happiness-based communities.  

Led by board members with an impressive professional history and strong track record in real-estate development and in collaboration with; Al-Muhaid Group, one of the largest Engineering Consulting firms in the Middle East and a leading financial entity, AL-Faisal company for real estate developments a subsidiary of Faisal Islamic Bank, AKAM promises to offer exceptional quality and unique experience to it’s clients through every project it develops.

As the New Capital represents a new era in the urbans’ development, AKAM takes the initiative to design projects mainly capitalizing on this opportunity, by building optimized communities offering the highest return on investment to it’s clients.

Through offering a unique state-of -art residential communities, turning your house into a home; AKAM builds communities inspired by your vision of the ideal world based on the belief that luxury and quality are no longer an option but a necessity.

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