Sahl Hasheesh has quickly become one of the most known destinations for vacations in Egypt. The luxurious resort offers many and many features that make it stand out among many beautiful destinations in Egypt, as it offers a beach front of 12 kilometers extending with beautiful blue water and soft sand. 

The beautiful and vast resort offers a great opportunity for investors buying units whether chalets or villas at the perfect location and beside the five star services available. Some also invest through buying units to offer it for rent and earn money while the value of the property is increasing. 

Location of Sahl Hasheesh 

Sahl Hasheesh is located 35 minutes from Hurghada International Airport, making it accessible easily by land or air through the famous city. Being near Hurghada has encouraged many tourists and Egyptians to try out Sahl Hasheesh, which never failed to impress them. 

Design and development

30 years back, Sahl Hasheesh was just a remote town where few people went for snorkeling or fishing, without having many units for living or services. 

That was until the Egyptian Resort Company ERC decided to make this small town south of Hurghada a worldwide vocational destination in 1996. 

Over 180 million EGP were initially invested in the infrastructure of Sahl Hasheesh and it was transformed into a luxurious resort, where anyone could spend a whole vacation without needing to leave, and with services and entertainment not less in any way than that of Hurghada. The infrastructure of the city included the roads, water supply, electricity supply and many more facilities. 

Sahl Hasheesh was developed with a full strategy to make the resort developed over time and to make as many attractions as possible. International architects contributed to making the resort as perfect as possible in terms of design and land usage. 

Features and services of Sahl Hasheesh 

One of the biggest features is its promenade, which was strategically planned as soon as the city was being developed. The development company restricted building on or making any part of the promenade private and it now extends over 8 kilometers long. 

Another great feature that it offers to its visitors is the arrival piazza, which is a unique and breathtaking feature. At the arrival piazza, visitors are greeted and offered whatever they want at the shops and cafes, to have a great introduction to the great city. 

The facilities and features of Sahl Hasheesh include theatres, a theme park, a central park, a polo club, a grand canal, golf, water park, cinemas and much more. 

Units for sale and rent and prices

There are many units that can be found for sale and rent at various prices and with various areas. The prices of the units of Sahl Hasheesh resort are controlled by the features offered that are many. 

One of the things that control the prices of chalets is that all beaches are public, there are strict height limits that cannot be ignored, building density is only 20 percent, its great location and more.