About Hacienda Bay

The North Coast is one of the best places in Egypt, without a doubt. Marina was the very first resort; it was built 30 years ago. Also, the area features with some of the best beaches all over Egypt and the whole world. Also, the North Coast grabs the attention of many people. The North Coast has been going through a lot of development during the past few years. Furthermore, several large real estate companies established a number of huge and luxurious projects. Moreover, the Egyptian government constructed a new road network to connect the North Coast to various cities around the country. You can find many wonderful properties for sale in Hacienda Bay.

Hacienda Bay is one of the most impressive projects in the North Coast. The project is competing with the best and finest resorts in the North Coast. The reason behind this is that, Hacienda Bay offers matchless features and the highest quality of services and facilities. Also, it encourages an elegant life in all aspects. Those who seek the highest level of a great lifestyle. They should simply begin searching for properties for sale in Hacienda Bay. Also, there are plenty of activities and services for all family members. Everything is available in Hacienda Bay in the North Coast.

About Palm Hills Developments

Palm Hills Developments is one of the leading real estate development and construction companies in Egypt. It is the company behind Hacienda Bay. Founded in 2005, Palm Hills Developments has a rich experience in the real estate market. Also, it has a huge portfolio of successful projects in Egypt and abroad. Palm Hills has projects 26 in Egypt. It has a total surface area of more than 27 million square meters. The company has several great projects in Saudi Arabia. It has a total land bank of 50 million square meters. Also, projects by Palm Hills include; Badya, The Crown in 6th of October, Capital Gardens, and Palm Parks. This is in addition to Palm Hills Al Alamein, Palm Hills El Sokhna, and Palm Hills Alexandria. Also, palm Hills also has a number of great resorts in the North Coast. They include Hacienda White, Hacienda West, and Hacienda Bay.  

The Location of Hacienda Bay

The location of the project encourages many people to seek properties for sale in Hacienda Bay. It is on kilometer number 200 in Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Road. Hacienda Bay is in the heart of Sidi Abdel Rahman. Also, it enjoys hosting some of the most magnificent beaches all over the globe. Also, Hacienda Bay is close to several roads and important facilities. It is around 15 minutes away from Al Alamein Airport. Also, it is three hours away, 265 kilometers, from Cairo. It is also near El Dabaa Axis that links the North Coast to many areas and cities around Egypt.

What are the Advantages of Hacienda Bay in the North Coast?

Palm Hills is famous for offering the best services and facilities. It has matchless quality and the highest levels that guarantee a magnificent life for all its clients. Hacienda Bay is one of the largest resorts in the North Coast. Also, it is famous for being one of the favorite spots for many public figures; as they find it to be the perfect location for a superb vacation. Hacienda Bay is 592 acres. Also, buildings do exceed 25% of the project. The rest of the space is for greenery, gardens, and other services. Hacienda Bay offers various means of entertainment. Also, the project hosts a group of excellent cafes and restaurants. It creates a valuable memories for friends and family. Also, the project has a five stars hotel. It that provides the guests of Hacienda Bay with services and various units.

Among the unique features that encourage many people to search for properties for sale in Hacienda Bay. You can find elegant entertainment facilities. These include an 18 hole golf course. Among the the North Coast; the golf course was established over an area of around 600 thousand meters. Also, this is in addition to vast green lands that occupy a surface area of 750 square meters. Hacienda Bay hosts a huge crystal lagoon with the surface area of 700 thousand square meters. This is beside several swimming pools all over the project. There are a number of closed swimming pools specified for ladies. What about sports’ facilities in Hacienda Bay? The project provides sports’ clubs that enable residents to practice different sports under the supervision of coaches. Also, Hacienda Bay also provides a gym, spa, and Jacuzzi. Also, it places to have fun with play grounds, billiards, and table tennis. 

What are the Spaces and Designs of Properties for Sale in Hacienda Bay?

Hacienda Bay offers a wide collection of deluxe residential units. This is among the popular features of Palm Hills Developments. It is apparent in all their other projects. Furthermore, this made Palm Hills Developments among the best names in the field of real estate in Egypt. The project offers several residential unit choices to fulfill the requirements of clients of Palm Hills Developments. For younger clients and smaller families; the project offers nice studios with surface areas that begin with 55 square meters. Regarding chalets, they are quite luxurious; like all other units in the projects. Also, chalets’ surface areas begin with 115 meters with a garden with a surface area of 200 meters. 

Those looking for larger spacious properties for sale in Hacienda Bay. There are many options. The project provides marvelous twin houses. Areas start with 399 meters with a private garden with an area of 400 meters. For people who love and appreciate luxury and charm. Palm Hills offers a selective group of standalone villas beginning with a surface area of 354 meters. Also, gardens occupying a surface area of 500 square meters. The most elegant units of all in Hacienda Bay are the water villas. These magnificent units have a matchless sea view. It is near the beach. Moreover, they have a surface areas that begin with 353 meters and large gardens over the surface area of 700 meters. You can find look through hundreds of units on our website.