About Fouka Bay in the North Coast

The North Coast has become one of the best areas in Egypt. It grabs the attention of many people. There are several reasons for why. Perhaps the first reason is the special Egyptian resorts in the North Coast. Egypt is creating new cities like Al Alamein; and a huge network of roads that help people reach the North Coast from various places around Egypt. Many companies started establishing huge and luxurious projects on the amazing beaches of the North Coast. These companies include Tatweer Misr which has several distinctive projects in the North Coast. An impressive project by Tatweer Misr in the North Coast is Fouka Bay. It manages to attract many clients during the past few years. Clients are still searching for properties for sale in Fouka Bay.

Fouka Bay & Tatweer Misr

It is a new project that makes up all the best elements. It is among the most successful projects in the North Coast. Fouka Bay hosts amazing beaches and a unique location. It has various types of units that suit the needs of a large number of clients. Regarding Tatweer Misr; although the company is rather new to the Egyptian real estate sector. In a short period, it was able to establish several projects; many people consider a role model for fully integrated projects.

Tatweer Misr has many advantages including innovation in various designs. Amazing planning in all its projects; that were formerly lunched in Egypt. This is in addition to the highest standards of quality in construction. Also, the keenness of the company to provide and finest means of comfort and luxury. Tatweer Misr is also famous for its selective choice of the location of its projects. It forms urban communities that everybody would love to belong to. Asking about the most remarkable projects by Tatweer Misr? The list includes IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna and Bloomfields. This is besides D-Bay; which is considered as an important hub in the North Coast. Also, of course the new project of Fouka Bay.

The Location of Fouka Bay

The strategic location of the project encourages many people to seek finding a property for sale in Fouka Bay. The project is located at the kilometer 211 in Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Road. It is around 75 kilometers to the East of Marsa Matrouh. Only less than three hours away from Cairo. The project lays near the new Fouka axis; which connects Fouka Bay to other regions and areas in Egypt. Fouka Bay is positioned near Ras El Hekma, one of the magnificent spots on the Mediterranean Sea. It is among the most marvelous beaches in the world. Also, it is near many other notable projects in the North Coast like Hacienda and La Vista. The project has a surface area of around one millions square meters.

What Encourages Clients to Search for Properties for Sale in Fouka Bay?

The exterior design of Fouka Bay in the North Coast blends the magic and inspiration of the sea. The amazing patterns and sleek outlines in the North Coast region is matchless in style with charm in each detail. The surface area of Fouka Bay, which extends for 194 acres. It was carefully divided to include deluxe residential villas, twin houses, townhouses, and chalets. This is in addition to luxurious apartments to fulfill the needs of all the clients of Tatweer Misr. Also, Fouka Bay offers wonderful services and facilities. They serve all tastes in a sense of modernity. It features with luxury and elegance. Also, all units enjoy marvelous views of the sea, natural scenery, and green fields. 

Fouka Bay enjoys a group of distinctive swimming pools. They were placed all over the project to serve the largest number of residents. This is in addition to a large crystal lagoon; the largest of its kind in the North Coast. Also, residents could have fun swimming in the lagoon or in the various pools. Those who are fond of sports and healthy lifestyles. They should look for properties for sale in Fouka Bay in the North Coast. The project has a comprehensive sports’ club with various courts to enjoy various sports. Also, there is a gym, as well as a world class spa and sauna. This enables everybody to have moments to cherish in Fouka Bay. Are you fond of shopping and going out with family and friends? Fouka Bay offers a great commercial area with several shops and stores selling all sorts of products.

Why do so Many People Search for Properties for Sale in Fouka Bay?

Additionally, there are a large malls and a number of supermarkets offering all sorts of goods and commodities. So, Fouka Bay residents don’t have to leave the resort to obtain everything they need. Also, all sorts of medical and health services are available at the project as well. This includes specialized clinics and pharmacies. Arising from the keenness of Tatweer Misr. Also, it provides services to the residents of Fouka Bay in the North Coast. The management of the project provides all sorts of maintenance for all the buildings and facilities in Fouka Bay. What about the social activities in Fouka Bay? The project hosts a number of clubhouses. Also, it represents the perfect choice for all sorts of social activities and gatherings.

What are the Designs and Surface Areas of Units Available in Fouka Bay?

Tatweer Misr is famous for the variety of residential units with different surface areas. This fulfills the requirements of clients in Fouka Bay. The project provides a group of luxurious apartments with many areas and prices. Available in the project; there is a group of hotel apartments with the surface area of 110 meters with one bedroom. Also, 120 meters with two bedrooms, and larger apartments, 170 meters, with three bedrooms. This is in addition to a limited number of townhouses and twin houses. Also, Tatweer Misr presents different payment plans to obtain the highest levels of customers’ satisfaction. Clients may purchase their favorite unit through paying from 5 to 10% of the total price. Afterwards, they pay the rest of the price through installments for 8 or 9 years. For more information, you can visit isqan.com.