About the Administrative Capital

In light of the strong demand for administrative capital from real estate companies. In fact, Midtown Sky Administrative Capital has recently sought to implement several residential and commercial projects. Given the importance of the administrative capital in the future and its unique strategic location. Better Home Real Estate Development has also established its new project in the capital, with many properties for sale in Midtown Sky at great prices.

Vital Location

The Midtown project is distinguished by its vital location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. It is located in the most important area of ​​the capital, in the R7 area, in front of the fairgrounds. Close to the British University, embassies and exhibition grounds, as it is close to the main and important roads of the capital, such as the Regional Ring Road and the South Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and a few minutes from the cathedral and the Grand Mosque. The Presidential Palace, Opera, Airport, Axis of Hope. Canadian University and District (7) are also some of the best residential neighbourhoods in the capital. It also combines sophistication, calmness and distinction and you will find that it is completely different from other residential neighbourhoods in the capital. 

The Midtown Sky project is also located in the Administrative Capital on an area of ​​122 acres, equivalent to 493.716. 25 square metres. In fact, this space is divided between 20% of the residential buildings and the rest of the space will be divided between green spaces, services and swimming pools that are characteristic of the company.

Services of properties for sale in Midtown Sky

In fact, the project also provides many, many services and many facilities that the executive company of the project was interested in providing all services to all its valued customers. Also, among these services (educational / sports/entertainment) and these services are always provided by the company in all the projects that it has implemented. It will be available in the Midtown Sky complex, and the services will be as follows. A commercial mall for all international brands. Restaurants and cafes. Sports fields. Sports and social club. Many recreational activities. Track for walking and running. Medical centres and clinics. swimming pool. Gardens. Kids Area Park. artificial lakes. Wide green spaces. As well as, an international school with the highest teachers. garages. Security and guarding. Cinema. Landscape. CityScape.

Prices and spaces of properties for sale in Midtown Sky

Obviously, Midtown Sky Compound offers you a variety of residential units such as apartments, twin houses, villas, and many spaces and prices to suit everyone. Compound spaces and apartments differ in terms of the number of rooms, and the bedroom and prices differ in terms of the location of your unit. Townhouse 350 square meters, starting from 4.990.000. Town Corner with an area of ​​350 square meters, starting from 5,990,000. A 350-meter twinhouse with a starting price of 6,490,000. An area of ​​90 m² up to 110 m² and its prices start from 1,100,000. 140 m² space starts from 1,600,000 EGP. Moreover, an area of ​​145 meters starts from 2,200,000. Also, an area of ​​190 meters starts from 2,400,500. 

Furthermore, an area of ​​230 meters starts from 3.200.000. An area of ​​245 meters starts from 3.660.000. As for the apartments, we find that they start from 105 meters to 2015 meters. With prices starting from 5 million up to 10 million pounds. You can now book only with a 10% down payment of the unit price, whether it is (apartment, villa, duplex), and pay in Egyptian pounds. 10% down payment and over 7 years in instalments without interest.