About Swan Lake Compound

Swan Lake New Cairo is one of the most important high-end residential projects. It provides its residents with a life full of luxury and pleasure, due to the living and recreational services it provides. Far away from sources of pollution and crowding. The developer, Hassan Allam, when implementing the Swan Lake project, showed its willingness to provide its best. In order to meet the desires and needs of its customers, and build luxury housing units adapted to the requirements of the modern era. There are many properties for sale in Swan Lake at great prices and spaces.

The Swan Lake project is on an area of ​​approximately 460 acres, making it one of the largest projects in the region. The owner company decided to allocate only 18% of the total area of ​​the project to buildings and construction. Moreover, the rest of the space is to implement the services and facilities necessary for the project, which are roads, squares, and others.

Swan Lake project Location

Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement, is special by its strategic location. It is located directly on Suez Road and next to Al Rehab. The compound is located in the most vital areas of the first settlement, as it is close to highways and important areas. Swan Lake Compound is located in the first settlement, 5 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis. Swan Lake New Cairo is about 15 minutes away from the American University. The resort is also very close to New Cairo and only a few minutes away. The Swan Lake Hassan Allam project is only 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

Features and services of properties for sale in Swan Lake

Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement, includes many important services and facilities that distinguish it from other projects. Among the most important of these services and features are the following: The Swan Lake project includes many gardens, parks and green spaces that suggest calm and self-comfort. It includes a 24-hour transportation network, allowing easy transportation to and from the compound at any time. Garages under all residential units have been designated for customer parking to avoid congestion causing inconvenience to passers-by. In Swan Lake Hassan Allam Compound, there are a large number of gardens and parks for children. It includes a variety of toys suitable for all ages, as well as being fully secured to keep them happy and satisfied. Swan Lake Compound contains many running tracks, as it is far from car tracks. There is a clubhouse in every building in the Swan Lake Hassan Allam project.

A medical centre that includes various specialities is equipped at the highest level to provide the necessary medical care. The complex includes swimming pools of different shapes and sizes, which have been carefully designed, giving Hassan Allam’s Swan Lake an aesthetic appearance. In Swan Lake Compound New Cairo, there also are indoor swimming pools for women. The complex includes an abundance of artificial lakes and beautiful looking fountains. The Swan Lake New Cairo project is safe with a 24-hour monitoring and security service. Equipped with the latest security technology. Swan Lake Compound includes many restaurants that serve delicious food and drinks. The community has also designated places for pets in all housing units. The Swan Lake project is special by its wonderful architectural designs, which are available according to the latest international designs. The project also provides all services to provide everything the residents need from the latest international brands.

Payment systems of properties for sale in Swan Lake

In fact, the prices of the residential units are one of the most distinguished prices. The company showed an interest in making the unit prices suitable for many customers who want a life of sophistication and luxury. The residential units vary between apartments, villas, penthouses and townhouses. Obviously, this is due to the company’s desire to satisfy all the wishes and needs of its customers. Swan Lake Compound is famous for simple payment systems according to the type of stage you wish to purchase in. All units are fully ready and payment systems are as follows: Payment system in the Scarlet stage: 10% down payment and the rest in instalments over 6 years. Furthermore, For the Selena, Aris and Phoenix stage, a 5% down payment is to pay, 10% to receive and the rest in instalments up to 8 years.