About Telal Sokhna Village

The Ain Sukhna area is considered one of the tourist attractions. It is a destination for tourism inside Egypt in general. Due to the proximity of these resorts to Cairo.The beaches of Ain Sukhna to other coastal areas. As it includes many different services for residents and visitors alike. This city has been designed at the highest level in order to become a major attraction for many tourists in the region. There are properties for sale in Telal Al Sokhna with different areas and special prices such as twinhouses and chalets.

Telal Ain Sokhna village location

The Telal Sokhna village project is distinguished by its location. It is located on Sokhna Road, in addition to its proximity to the capital, Cairo. This residential and touristic project was at the same time on an area of ​​200 acres. The complex has a 6 square kilometre long beach. The entire project was in the form of terraces so that all residents can access them. A panoramic view of the sea, in addition to the availability of many services within the resort. As for the location of the country. Telal Sokhna is located 5 minutes from Porto Sokhna. Also, only one hour from Cairo via Zaafarana Street overlooking the sea.

The real estate developer of Telal Sokhna village

The Telal Al Sokhna village project is one of the important residential projects of the Vision Group, and that company started its own projects in Egypt and some Arab countries in 2003. The basis of that company is to develop more development projects and work on improving them. In the architectural facade of the investing countries in recent years, the company has presented many successful residential projects inside Egypt and some other countries.

Services of properties for sale in Telal Al Sokhna

Tilal Village is on an area of ​​200 acres, the company designed the units in a simple area compared to the areas allocated for services and green spaces in the village. The residential units in the village are on hills and at different heights so that all units can accommodate from a view of the sea. 2000 housing units inside the village according to the best Global designs. In addition to providing many services within the village. The services that in the project to make it one of the most important residential projects today on Sokhna Road are as follows. 

Several sports fields are available so that the residents can practise their sports. There are also water games within the city. In addition to the availability of many international restaurants and cafes that serve many international meals and dishes. Security and monitoring are among the elements available in the town throughout the day to provide comprehensive security for the residents. A fishing marina is also among the things available within the complex for fishing lovers. Spaces have also special areas for stores that include many major brands. Within the city, the city has a 5-star suspended hotel overlooking the marina. Plus another 3-star hotel in the area. These hotels are available to the highest standard to enhance the city’s tourist attractions

Spaces of properties for sale in Telal Al Sokhna

Residential units The company has implemented two thousand units inside the village in an innovative way. So that the customer can change the unit’s design to suit his taste. The residential units vary between chalets and villas. The most important feature of the area in which the villas are located in complete calm, unlike the area. The marina is lively and active. The areas in the town range from 140 square meters to 360 square meters.

The payment system in the village of Telal Sokhna

The prices of the residential units vary in Telal Sokhna village according to the area, and the units are ready after two years from the date of contract registration. The company executing the project provided an easy way to pay the unit value, 25% down payment and the rest over 4 years in instalments.