About Properties for sale in Il Monte Galala

IL Monte Galala Resort is a residential project in Ain Sokhna. IL Monte Galala is a Tatweer Misr Development. It is one of the best and most well-known companies in the Egyptian real estate market. IL Monte Galala Resort is a complete city with services, facilities and centers. The beautiful sandy shores and blue sea increases the beauty and prestige of the Gulf of Suez. There are many properties for sale in Il Monte Galala such as chalets, villas, and twinhouses. Il Monte Galala will be connecting to both Ain Sokna and Galala City. Real Estate in Il Monte Galala is currently in high demand. Many new phases are being built everyday.

Monte Galala Location

It is located between the waters of the Gulf of Suez and the Galala mountain range near the city of Galala. 7 km from the Movenpick Hotel and 11 km from Porto Sokhna. The project also extends with a 1.3-meter-long coastline. It is a turquoise sandy coast with a wonderful view. This is one of the most important pieces of information about Il Mount Galala. IL Monte Galala is located 60 km 2 from the Administrative Capital, approximately half an hour. Il Monte Galala has an amazing location due how close it is to other major cities. Most residents consider staying there all year.

From Cairo itself is about 150 kilometers away; or an hour’s drive. The project was built on a bridge specifically to facilitate the roads under the project, which is the Zafarana highway. The project is near the Emirates Gas Station, only 3 km2. All of this serves the location of the Jabal El Galala project. It makes it a distinct strategic location in the centre of Ain Sokhna and increases its value. Therefore, the project will be the gold standard of Galala City. The compound is on a mountain. Therefore various phases will be on different heights. Il Monte Galala is a city of the future.

The Spaces of ​​the Monte Galala project

The project or integrated city has an area of ​​about 2.2 million square meters, or about 530 acres. It includes a large artificial lake of 45 square meters. Buildings and facilities were erected with an area of 10% of the project, construction continues to this day. The location of the Galala Resort is increasing in activity and vitality because it is only an hour away from the New Administrative Capital project. These sites serve each other and increase their value, and there are many VIPs in them that increase the refinement of the place. Furthermore, Il Monte Galala is about 150km from madinaty and the Mostakbal city. The site is carefully selected. It is away from the crowded areas and traffic. Moreover, its construction uses the latest technological infrastructure.

Features of properties for sale in Il Monte Galala

The IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna project is one of the most important projects that will be at high altitudes. Giving it a sense of distinction and exclusivity by owning this project only. The project is at a height of up to 1200 meters. In fact, it gives the area an interesting adventurous spirit. The area enjoys building in the form of terraces. The design is like the Greek Islands, for which it has acquired international standards in terms of its quality and exclusivity. IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is always ready to provide the best services to its guests at the recreational and basic levels. The project contains health centers equipped with the latest scientific and technological technologies, an efficient cadre of doctors and nurses, and special air-conditioned rooms for operations.

There are also shops and commercial markets selling all kinds of international brands. There are also yachts for organizing cruises. Moreover, there are also gyms and saunas. The abundance of swimming pools in abundance at all levels and for different categories and spaces. There are shallow pools, children’s areas, and other perches for the ladies. The project also contains various golf courses. The entire project is accompanied by electricity and water. It is also possible to sit on the highest terraces for meditation and increase the spiritual aspect in a quiet, creatively designed environment, and you will see the most beautiful landscape from a distance and from a height. Additionally, government headquarters and educational centres from kindergarten to schools and there is a university in the project. For more information visit isqan.com, the beat real estate platform in Egypt.