About Carnelia

When we talk about the city of Carnelia in Ain Sokhna, we will find it one of the unique and lively locations with many advantages. Agna Real Estate Development did a good job in choosing the location of its project, as it is always creative and brilliant as a shining star in the sky of the Egyptian real estate market. As for the location, in particular, it is only a quarter of an hour away from the gates of El Galala, and about ten minutes from the gates of Sokhna. It also offers units at unbeatable prices and in a series of interior spaces available from properties for sale in Carnelia: townhouses, twin houses and separate villas to provide complete comfort and privacy.

It is next to El Galala City and the International Marina. Ajna Real Estate Development Company was keen to establish a fully serviced residential and entertainment village with various facilities. 

Spaces of properties for sale in Carnelia

The village was built on an area of ​​about 100 acres, and this space was divided into buildings, constructions, services and green spaces, and most of this area was about 80% for services in order to provide all the needs and requirements of the residents of the village. The project owner, Carnelia, was interested in providing a variety of detached villas in a unique and world-class Mexican style, as well as twin houses, townhouses, one-bedroom villas and more to adapt to clients’ needs. In addition to the great variety of spaces belonging to the city, all units in Carnelia have a direct view of the sea. No unit does not see the sea, so you will enjoy the beauty of the turquoise waters while you are in your place in your unit.

In addition, the Ajna company has taken care of people with special needs and provided them with service elevators As we mentioned, there is clear diversity in the areas of the town from large, medium and small, and they are as follows: Exquisite one-bedroom chalets with an area of ​​90 square meters. Furthermore, two-room chalets from 100 m² to 110 m². Two-room chalets and a garden with an area of ​​110 square meters. Moreover, the space of three-bedroom chalets in a garden starts from 150 m². Two-room chalets and a garden with an area of ​​110 square meters. Twin houses space starts from 265 square meters. Townhouse with garden space starting from 165 m². 

More properties

Magnificent one-bedroom chalets at a price of 1,200,000 pounds. Two-bedroom chalets, the price starts from 1,700,000 EGP. The prices of two-bedroom garden chalets start from 2,000,000 EGP. Three-bedroom chalets with a garden start at 2,300,000 EGP. The price of a twin house starts from 4,700,000 pounds. Graded homes with gardens range in price from 3,800,000 pounds.

Features of properties for sale in Carnelia

Ajna Real Estate Development Company has paid great attention to providing a unique residential and entertainment community. It includes all the services and benefits that the customer dreams of. To feel that they are living in their second home. Among the most prominent services of the resort are: All drinks are provided. Lots of parks and gardens with ample green spaces to go out and enjoy the beautiful natural environment. There is a wonderful Aqua Park suitable for children and adults in the heart of Carnelia Village.

Moreover, for lovers of shopping and luxury, there are luxurious and giant commercial buildings in the city that offer all the international products and brands that make you get what you want while you are inside the city without having to leave it. Also, for people with special needs, there are special service elevators for them. In fact, the village production company cares about all its residents and dear customers. Monitoring service is available 24 hours a day with gates and surveillance cameras for the convenience and safety of customers.

More Services

There are social and sports clubs with all different activities. For the little ones, there are entertainment areas with all the games and activities that help them make them happy. In addition, these places are equipped and safe for children. To facilitate movement within the project, golf carts are available. Distinguished hotels with international designs and luxury are available for those who wish to stay in the resort. Distinctive green spaces and large artificial lakes. There are several swimming pools of different sizes, as well as indoor swimming pools for children and women. Beautiful and very classy venues are reserved for those who love to celebrate various parties and events.

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