About O West

O West is one of the best high-end residential compounds and the most important recently implemented compound in the 6th of October City. All entertainment and basic services are available through the compound that guarantees the residents a comfortable and luxurious life that has all their needs. The project is owned by Orascom Hotels. The company is owned by the Sawiris family, who are working to attract more customers and gain their trust. There are many properties for sale in O West with special spaces and prices for a unique life

O West Compound location

An excellent location is one of the most important factors for success and customer attraction. That is why the owner company chose a vital location for the project. It is attractive to customers in the middle of the 6th of October City. The compound is located near the main roads, directly on Al-Wahat Road, behind the Media Production City. The complex is located about three minutes away from the famous Mall of Egypt. It is seven minutes from Juhayna Square. It is about ten minutes from the axis. Moreover, it is five minutes from the ring road near the Dahshur area. The project is within walking distance from the distinguished neighbourhood. It is a few minutes away from the 6th of October University. The project is directly on the ring road, which facilitates access to the Great Museum and the Pyramids of Giza.

Services of properties for sale in O West

O West Compound is an integrated city, as the company that developed this giant compound paid great attention to providing all services inside the compound, whether they were basic needs or entertainment needs. So that the customer does not have to leave the compound to meet some needs or get some of the items from outside the compound because it is a small city within a big city. Due to the large size of the compound, its most important services are. A large percentage of the project is to provide green spaces that are avaliable throughout the building in a well-thought-out and organized manner. Extensive walking, running and cycling trails are available throughout the day for all residents of the community. There are many water bodies that add more beauty and joy to the project, which are picturesque artificial lakes and swimming pools of different sizes. 

There is a special entertainment area for children. Within the complex, there is a large sports club on an area of ​​approximately 35 acres and contains a group of integrated sports fields. There is a state-of-the-art clubhouse, as well as a high-end gym and spa. The complex has a wonderful panoramic view, due to the availability of the tourist promenade and a series of high-end cafes and fine restaurants at an altitude of 75 meters. Within the project, there is an integrated commercial area, nearly three times the area of ​​Mall of Egypt. A community centre will be provided at each stage of the project. The project will contain a high-end hotel, a hospital with integrated medical services, and an educational area that includes an international university and three international schools.

Spaces of properties for sale in O West

An area of ​​1,000 acres has been allocated for the project, equivalent to approximately 4.2 million square meters. The project is a joint cooperation between the public and private sectors represented by the Urban Communities Authority and Orascom Hotels and Development. There are several residential units of different sizes that satisfy all tastes and needs, including villas and separate apartments. Additionally, 60% of the units within the project for creating villas. They are detached, semi-detached or twin houses.

While 40% are for residential apartments, whether separate, penthouses or duplexes. Furthermore, the number of apartments is about 900 apartments with a total area of ​​50 acres. Below are the areas of the units within the project. The spaces of the independent apartments start from 141 square meters. While duplexes spaces start from 237 square meters, while villas start from 280 square meters. Townhouses spaces start also from 195 m². Twin houses spaces start from 246 m².