Palm Hills Sokhna is a luxurious resort located in Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna at 93 kilometres on Cairo – Sokhna road. The resort offers many luxurious services and facilities beside its various units. Built on an area of 170 Acres of which less than 20% is for buildings. 

Like other resorts, Palm Hills Sokhna is built in different levels that utilize the beautiful nature of the coastal city and make most of the units overlooking the sea. 

The beachfront of the resort expands in 1.9 kilometers. To make residents enjoy their privacy and entertainment wherever their unit is in the resort. 

Unique location of Palm Hills Sokhna at Laguna Bay 

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna offers a great location, which is one of its best features. The resort is located 93 kilometers on Cairo – El Sokhna road and at an outstanding spot of the Red Sea that has some of its most beautiful beaches. 

The luxurious compound’s location makes it near New Cairo and Administrative Capital, which are two of the most promising cities in Egypt as it is only 100 kilometers from the Fifth Settlement and 80 kilometers from the new administrative capital, while being 120 kilometers from Cairo’s downtown. 

Palm Hills Ain El Sokhna is also located near a number of other villages including Telal El Sokhna, Movenpick and La Vista El Sokhna. 

Area and design of Palm Hills Sokhna 

Palm Hills Sokhna offers an area which is mostly composed of green landscapes. The green areas make the resort units become surrounded by green beauty with sea views everywhere, making breathtaking scenery wherever you look. 

The village takes advantage of the gradual elevation of the land to make the units overlook the sea, while offering a long beach of 1900 meters with units having panoramic sea views. 

Across the area of Palm Hills El Sokhna spreads many facilities and units varying between villas, twinhouses, townhouses and luxurious chalets with variety in areas and prices. 

Facilities and services of Palm Hills Sokhna 

The resort offers many facilities, services and features that make it one of the top luxurious destinations in El Sokhna. The outstanding features include the marina, commercial area and the boutique hotels that bring luxurious hospitality to the heart of the village. 

The other services and features offered include: 

  • A full range of restaurants and cafes
  • 24 hours security all over the week 
  • Artificial lakes and swimming pools 
  • Green areas and landscape 
  • Commercial area and entertainment area 
  • 3 luxurious boutique hotels
  • Running track and sport services 

Units, prices and payment plans of Palm Hills Sokhna 

Variety of the resort units 

Palms Hills Ain El Sokhna doesn’t let you down when it comes to the variety of units. The offered units include chalets, twinhouses, townhouses and standalone villas. 

The first 3 rows are self finished standalone villas that come with various areas and with 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms. Following them, the twin and town houses come fully finished and with 2 or 3 bedrooms. 

Chalets are also offered with 1 or 3 bedrooms with full finishing to leave the choice for buyers to choose their preferred unit area and number of bedrooms. 

Prices and payment plans of Palm Hills Sokhna 

The prices varies through a wide range as a variety of areas, locations and unit types are offered. The units are also mostly delivered within 2.5 years. 

The offered plans by Palm Hills facilitate the payment for many people with different budgets as the plans include: 

  • 5% down payment, 5% on contracting then 6 year installments.
  • 10% down payment, 5% on contracting then 7 year installments.
  • 10% down payment, 10% on contracting then 8 year installments.

Those plans are very flexible compared to other competitors as they are offered in great variety to suit different people willing to pay minimum down payment or pay through 6 ,7 or 8 years. 

The verdict

Palm Hills Sokhna is an excellent opportunity for those searching for luxurious units in Ain El Sokhna. It offers great facilities and features that some of them are unique and flexible payment plans. 

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