OIA Towers is a commercial, residential and administrative project in the new administrative capital that is famous for its strategic location at the heart of the new city. 

The project has successfully built a good reputation considering its integrated features, competitive prices and perfect location making it a guaranteed investment opportunity. 

Location and design of OIA Towers New Capital 

OIA Towers project has a very unique location in the new administrative capital at the touristic district known by the name Downtown. As the name suggests, it is one of the best and most vital locations in the new administrative capital that is set to be a center of growth. 

The location of the towers also make them near Mohammed Bin Zayed axis, one of the main roads of the new administrative capital that connects it to other cities. 

The project also lies near a number of the biggest landmarks of the new administrative capital including the famous Masah hotel, The Green River, which is one of the biggest landmarks of the new capital, Cilia compound by Talaat Moustafa and the cathedral. 

The towers are also 15 minutes from the airport, adding even more value to its strategic location in the new administrative capital. 

OIA Towers are designed to oversee 4 main roads to guarantee perfect views from each unit, that also see green areas, swimming pools and even landmarks. 

The project also offers luxury from the outside with a European inspired architecture, and luxury from the inside with world class finishing, making it a perfect choice for international brands and companies. 

Features and services of OIA Towers New Capital  

OIA Towers project offers a wide range of services and features that make it one if the top integrated projects in the new administrative capital, with residential, administrative and commercial units. 

Among the best features of the project are the offered landscapes, enough distances between the towers and the buildings, 24/7 security with security cameras all over the project, fast WiFi internet covering the projects and a dedicated customer support service offered by the developer. 

OIA also offers lagoons, swimming pools, kids entertainment areas, gym, elevators and private garages. 

Edge Holding, the developer behind the project, made sure that some units are suitable for specific purposes to become luxurious restaurants, cafes and medical clinics. 

The company partnered with 18 companies to bring the outstanding services and features with this quality. 

Units of OIA Towers New Capital   

Edge Holding ensured that the project has wide green areas and swimming pools, so that every unit in OIA has a unique view that is superior. 

The units offered by the project include residential apartments, commercial units, administrative units, medical units, in addition to hotel served units. 

Prices and payment plans of OIA Towers New Capital

OIA Towers New Capital offers competitive prices as the administrative units can be reserved with only EGP 20,000 down payment while the residential and commercial units can be reserved with EGP 50,000 down payment. The payment plans also allow up to 10 year instalments. 

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