O West Business District is set to be Egypt’s most prominent commercial village, a dynamic zone with out of the ordinary office areas.

The Business District fulfills a novel concept to address the diversity of demand of business owners and entrepreneurs. O West Business District is built as a business environment in the layout of a village concept. Instead of the monotonic, oppressive aura of business buildings, O Business District breaks this visual discord; with low-rise and stylish unconventional buildings for business premises, imbued with a unique character seldom found in business environment.

Orascom Developments West

O West Business District Facilities:

The retail central plaza offers cafés, restaurants, childcare and fitness facilities. More business amenities connected with the pedestrian trails weaved throughout the development and meeting in the central plaza.

O Business District premises combine a relaxed groove with a professional undertone.


O Business District office workspaces are adjacent to the Sports Club and the Educational Area. The village complements the active lifestyle of O West, interconnecting with the rest of the community through the spine and pedestrian walkways. At the same time, the masterplan ensures that O Business district is easily accessible from outside of O West.

The Developer:

Orascom Development Holding is a leading developer of fully integrated destinations. These include hotels, residential units and leisure facilities such as golf courses, marinas and supporting infrastructure. ODH offers a diverse portfolio of worldwide destinations covering Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Morocco, Montenegro, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The group operates a total of 33 hotels with 7,205 rooms and controls approximately 101 million sqm of land.

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