The new administrative capital is Egypt’s one of Egypt’s most promising cities that is being built to accommodate 40 million residents by 2050. Here, we have new administrative capital compounds, features, design and more about the new city. The provided information is according to the New Urban Communities Authority and website of real estate developers in the new administrative capital. 

Why is the New capital promising? 

The development of a new capital in Egypt has been an urgent topic for years, considering the extremely high population density of Cairo, the high population of Egypt and the expected growth of population in the country as in the next 40 years the population is expected to almost double. 

The ultimate goal of the new administrative capital is clearly to eliminate the crowdedness and high population density of Cairo, and establish new residences for Egyptians that are well designed, healthy and keeping up with the population growth.  

Top New capital compounds 

There is a wide range of compounds in the new administrative capital that you can choose from. The compounds vary in locations, prices, unit types, facilities and many other features. Here are some of the best administrative capital compounds. 

Entrada Compound

Entrada, meaning gateway in spanish, is a new administrative capital compound, located at a unique location 5 minutes from the Green River and near the Finance and Business district. The compound features a breathtaking European architectural design, with most of its units having views of lakes and green spaces. 

The compound offers many features and facilities like clubs, gardens, mosque, commercial center, security and WiFi coverage. 

The areas of the units are up to 300 square meters and the compound, like other ones, offer payment facilities with up to 10 year installments. 

Sky Capital Compound

Sky Capital has quickly become one of the most bright names of the new administrative capital compounds. The residential compound offers a high class level of luxuries with modern designs and top level facilities. 

The services of the compound include security, green spaces, artificial lakes, swimming pools, solar panels, restaurants, cafes, commercial areas, wide parking lots and much more. 

The units of Sky Capital are offered with areas up to 300 square meters and with payment facilities of 7 year installments. 

Il Bosco Compound

Il Bosco is one of the most famous compounds in the new administrative capital offering a total area of 840 square kilometers, of which 22.5 percent only is for buildings and the rest is for green areas and services. 

Il Bosco offers a great location near Mohammed Bin Zayed axis, Masah hotel and the medical neighborhood. 

The features and services offered include security, swimming pools, playgrounds, commercial area, mosque and much more. The payment plans support up to 10 year instalments.

You can learn more about Il Bosco from Isqan’s Il Bosco New administrative blog

Pukka Compound 

Pukka is a large residential compound in the new administrative capital, composed of a total of 43 buildings having 2500 units, built on an area of 40 acres. 

The compound offering modern designs brings many services and features including green areas, swimming pools, solar panels, commercial mall, restaurants, cafes, health club and much more. 

The areas of the units reach 240 square meters as a maximum area, and the developing company offers payment facilities of up to 7 year installments. 

Heaven Hills Compound 

Heaven Hills is a residential compound in the new administrative capital offering a perfect location near the ministries, embassies districts among other vital locations. 

The compound designed on an area of 33 acres offers apartments, penthouses and duplexes with areas up to 250 square meters and features that include security, social club, mosque and a commercial centre. The compound also offers up to 7 year installments as a payment facility. 

La Capitale Compound

La Capitale is a large residential compound in the new administrative capital, offering a luxurious french architecture beside integrated services and features. 

The compound is located at the R7 residential district near embassies district, opera house and Mohammed Bin Zayed axis. It is also built on a total area of 13.5 acres, offering units that include apartments, studios, penthouses and duplexes. 

The compound services include mosque, commercial centre, social club, swimming pools and security. La Capitale also offers a very unique payment plan with up to 15 year installments. The units of the compound offer a maximum area of 250 square meters. 

Oia Compound

Oia is one of the most famous and successful new administrative capital compounds, offering competitive prices for the units and a perfect location between 4 main roads. 

The compound offers apartments and penthouses with areas up to 268 square meters, and a luxurious design with mostly green areas. It offers services including and not limited to security, clubs and swimming pools. 

Capital Gate Compound

Capital Gate is a residential compound located at a perfect location 10 minutes from the new administrative capital, between the new administrative capital and the fifth settlement. The compound’s location makes it near Teseen and Suez roads. 

The compound offers features and service including wide green areas, swimming pools, mall, club and much more. The offered units include apartments and duplexes with areas up to 360 square meters. 

Location of new administrative capital compounds 

New administrative capital compounds are located in the residential districts of the city, which are designed to be surrounded by the services of the commercial districts, and also governmental services in the governmental districts. 

The city is built on an area of 700 square kilometer, making its compounds bordered by many roads and locations. You can find new administrative capital compounds near Badr city, Cairo Suez road, Cairo Sokhna road, Mohamed Bin Zayed axis, Mostakbal city and Madinaty. 

The compounds of the new administrative capital and its residential districts are set to have 7 million residents, in the 40 thousand acres first phase only. Hundreds of thousands of units in the compounds have already been sold, and the projects are continuing the sales solidly. 

Features surrounding new administrative capital compounds 

Beside the services and features compounds of the new administrative capital will offer at the inside, there are many others offered by the city itself. Many of the features are related to environmental sustainability and smart technologies with world class standards. 

The smart capital offers an integrated transportation network, where every aspect is taken into consideration from the beginning, and this network is powered by a smart traffic system, beside huge transportation projects like the monorail which will connect residents with 6th of October and Salam cities in a matter of minutes. 

Other landmarks include the central park, which has an area of 8 kilometers, making it wider than New York’s central park. The iconic tower also stands as one of the most interesting landmarks, while the longest green belt in the world, The Green River, makes the city even more interesting. 

All facilities like mosques, churches, hospitals, schools, universities, commercial malls, banks, governmental facilities and more are existing densely.