There are many unique compounds on the sides of the beautiful, world famous Red Sea. Mesca Somabay is one of the projects you should know more about, especially its serviced cabanas carrying the name Mesca Cabanas and offering a new definition of luxury and mature enjoyment in that region. 

What does Mesca Somabay offer 

The luxurious Cabanas provided beside standalone villas and twin villas in the Mesca compound, and developed by Somabay, offer a fully unique experience, especially for those living the beauty of nature. 

The cabanas are designed for full enjoyment of sunbathing and stargazing, while being home and surrounded by all the services you would like. 

The complex formula solved by Mesca Cabanas Somabay is offering a unique place to feel the serenity and comfort, surrounded by nature and sea, enjoying the services, and still enjoying the privacy you want. 

On the side of the quality of the offered services, Mesca Cabanas are served with hotel level quality services, letting residents enjoy vacations and nothing more. 

Features and surroundings of Mesca Somabay

If you would like to get out of your cabana and enjoy the surrounding world, you will find a whole exciting world surrounding you at Somabay’s Mesca. 

Visit the ORCA Dive Centre to enjoy the uncharted wonders of the Red Sea’s coral reefs. Or enjoy the huge golf course designed with international standards. And at the end of the day, you can head to the Spa and Thalasso to regenerate your powers for the adventures of the next day. 

Like kitesurfing? You have one of the best spots in the world to do so out here. You can also enjoy the many desert sports, incredible dining destinations or pay a visit to the marina. 

Hotel Mesca, and villas beside Mesca Somabay 

Not far from the Mesca Cabanas Somabay, you find the blue sea, wide sky horizon and soft sand, and you also find the impeccable waterfront hospitality of the luxurious Mesca hotel. 

The hotel focuses on delivering the highest standards for residents to enjoy their privacy, while being served continuously at any time of the day. 

The compound also offers standalone villas and twin villas, taking advantage of the variation of the elevations, which make all the units see the beauty of the sea. 

The standalone villas offer large glass interfaces, swimming pools, private gardens and many features that would be required for a luxurious vacation villa. 

About the resort developer Somabay

Somabay is a 10 million square meters bay on the red sea, owned by the company holding the same name, which is becoming one of the most known real estate developers in Egypt. The resorts developed by the company are known for their creativity and unique ideas, which are sometimes introduced for the first time in Egypt. 

When you see a European feel, breathtaking colours, then you should always think that this is a Somabay destination. The bay area offers a total of 5 five-star hotels until now, in addition to a full range of services for the residents of the compounds. 

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