With a fourth generation city like New Alamein making grand promises. It is only natural to be excited for what is to come. Mazarine New Alamein allows us to enjoy the spectacle from the comfort of our villas. Acting as the first gated neighborhood in the city. With generous areas and the freedom to experiment with how you utilize your space. Your home will be a playground for your ideas.

Mazarine New Alamein Amenities:

A hassle-free lifestyle is guaranteed with exclusive amenities around the corner. Whether you’re in search for a relaxing stroll around the mesmerizing swimmable lagoons and a 635 meter long beach promenade to an exclusive clubhouse and a bustling North Square; the biggest commercial project on the coast, Mazarine residents will have it all.

•Swimming pools & beach style pools • Bicycle & jogging lanes
•Indoor and outdoor sports area
•Kids area


Mazarine is located in the New Alamein City at the Lagoon taking pride as the first horizontal project of the city. The project benefits from being in close proximity to the beauty of the lagoon while still being in sync with the urban rhythm.

New Alamein City:

The New Alamein City, taking up more than 48,000 Feddans of land, is changing our perception of the North Coast experience from a temporary visiting
spot to an all year round destination.
The city beats to a modern rhythm suitable for aspiring individuals to live
a well-balanced life with its parks, schools universities, commercial & retail areas. The museums, opera houses, international and national schools and universities culturally enrich residents with the highest level of artistry and knowledge to build a community.

Quality, impeccable planning and a thirst for the ultimate living experience are the ingredients of New Alamein’s success
in becoming an impressive fourth generation city.

The Developer:

City Edge Developments develops and manages the development of high-end real estate projects. In addition to a diversified land bank for third–party accounts containing indirect real estate holdings under their management that span a range of investments across all asset classes including residential, hospitality, retail, office and education.

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