Isla El Monte Galala in El Ain El Sokhna is a part of the El Monte Galala resort, which is one of the resorts that prove their powerful presence and future in the recent period, developed by Tatweer Misr, a shining name in the real estate world in Egypt within the recent years. 

The resort, like other ones in El Ain El Sokhna, focuses on offering luxurious services and units for enjoyable vacations and breathtaking water life. 

Design of Isla El Monte Galala El Sokhna

Isla El Monte El Galala offers various units that include small townhouses which are standalone chalets, overseeing the beauty of the sea at an elevation of 60 meters above sea level, and with a graduated design to make more units oversee the beautiful sea and wide lagoons. 

The design of the resort ensures that most of the units have incredible views of the sea, green areas, and crystal lagoons. The developing company Tatweer Misr was inspired by the Italian architecture while designing Isla and the whole El Monte Galala resort, paying attention to the finest details that contribute to the comfort and serenity of residents. 

Location of Isla El Monte Galala El Sokhna 

Isla El Monte El Galala is known as one of the best parts of the El Monte Galala resort in El Ain El Sokhna. The resort is located at a perfect location that is near a number of well-known resorts, like Movenpick which is 7 kilometers from the resort, and the famous Porto Sokhna that is only 11 kilometers away. 

One of the greatest advantages of the location of the resort is being near the new administrative capital, at only 30 minutes from the city, making the resort an even better investment for the future, as the new administrative capital is set to change the whole map of Greater Cairo and even all of Egypt. 

Services and Features of Isla El Monte Galala El Sokhna 

El Monte El Galala resort has a lot to do inside. In addition to the enjoyable water life and beaches whether in summer or winter like other Ain El Sokhna resorts, there are many other sports to enjoy including mount climbing. 

The resort also offers playgrounds for footgolf and many other sports, in addition to yoga centers, gyms, and spas. At the beach, there are many services including cabins with restaurants and cafes serving all day. 

The crystal lagoons, swimming pools, and green areas are covering most of the land of the resort, in addition to the presence of a yacht marina for fishing and cruising enthusiasts, and a beach club at the highest point of the resort. 

Other services include medical, hospitality, and commercial ones like medical centers, 5-star hotels, malls, supermarkets, and more. 

Prices And Areas of Chalets and Villa of Isla El Monte Galala

The types of units, areas, and prices of Isla El Monte Galala vary, as the chalets of 95 square meter areas are sold at a price of EGP 1,860,000 and up to EGP 1,930,000. The chalets have areas of 115 square meters and are offered at a price of EGP 2,400,000. 

The stand alone twinhouses are offered at areas of 155 square meters and with prices ranging between EGP 3,600,000 and 4,200,000, while the villas of 220 square meters come at EGP 5,500,000 and 6,200,000. 

The delivery of the units is within 4 years of finishing the contract, and the facilities of payment allow only 5 percent down payment that can be paid within 6 months and 10 year equal monthly installments. The units are all delivered with full luxurious finishing. 

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