IL MONTE GALALA is a distinct opportunity to own a world-class address in a unique location. Capturing natural simplicity and luxurious richness at different altitudes.

Created and master-planned by Egypt’s acclaimed Tatweer Misr Developments and world-renowned Italian architect Gianluca Peluffo and Partners, IL MONTE GALALA articulates a unique living experience not offered elsewhere. Inspired by Portofino’s spellbinding surroundings. This year-round mountain-top community with its lush landscapes and idyllic beach lifestyle sets a global benchmark for luxury living. Sustainability and unrivaled hospitality, earning it the best “Residential Low Rise Project Award – Future” by Cityscape Global.

Il Monte Galala Experience:

Flowing into a landscape of natural beauty, the resort spans over 2.24 million m2 to lap a pristine 1.4 km shoreline. Conceiving a global universe in its own right. With an eye for excellence and a pledge for originality. The project has been aesthetically designed in partnership with world-renowned Crystal Lagoons® to transform the rugged mountain surroundings into a floating beach paradise, introducing the world’s first mountain-top crystalline lagoons rolling-out on 200,000 m2. Designed to offer an abundance of colorful experiences at different heights. IL MONTE GALALA has also collaborated with internationally acclaimed BCI Studio to offer an interactive world of retail and leisure.

Wrapped in an ecologically sustainable context, while putting accessibility at its master plan’s forefront. All of IL MONTE GALALA’s zones are seamlessly interconnected by inclined elevators powered by Maspero Elevatori. In addition to intuitive paths and electric cars that add a fun and exciting flare to life.

Set over different altitudes and designed with varied communities in mind. Each of IL MONTE GALALA’s distinct zones reflect the unique character and environment of the site. From floating villas of unmatched opulence, elegantly appointed condos to cozy beach-front cabanas. IL MONTE GALALA is an international destination by choice, offering a world of contemporary living options and branded residences that combine functional beachside simplicity with the highest degree of luxury, inviting nature into every home.


Il Monte Galala Design:

By embracing the site’s unique sense of place and environmental sensibilities. IL MONTE GALALA has managed to create a sustainable master plan, reinforcing the idea of going green in every detail. The project takes pride in implementing proactive sustainable initiatives that aim at conserving water, air, and energy without disrespecting the site’s natural harmony.

By partnering with Environment and Development Group (EDG) for sustainable solutions. IL MONTE GALALA’s housing units enclose vegetated rooftops, bringing water, sunshine and life to barren concrete. Solar panels are also an integral part of the site’s planning. Reinforcing the concept of renewable energy in this year-round sunny resort. Managing and reducing waste also comes as a top priority at the compound. Where reducing, reusing, and recycling are cornerstones that set a sustainable foundation that guarantees the project’s longevity.

Il Monte Galala Phases:


Maesta  Il Monte Galala offers a distinct opportunity to own a world-class address in a unique chalet, twinhouse, or villa.


Isla is a new gated phase in IL Monte Galala featuring chalets, lofts, town houses and standalone villas directly overlooking crystal lagoons.

The Developer:

Since its inception in 2014, Tatweer Misr has been a vital catalyst for change. Delivering incomparable value through exemplary projects that master all facets of development. 

Boasting a wealth of industrial and technical expertise, Tatweer Misr has been offering an innovative outlook on integrated living to strongly emerge as a leading real-estate developer in Egypt. Fulfilling the rising demand on mixed-use projects that enrich the life of its communities.  

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