Step into a greener world at IL BOSCO City. A new concept of a fully integrated city space. Emerged in greenery–like landscape that is intertwined with the houses to create a unique notion and an ecological green life system. In the move for expanding our developments, IL BOSCO City launched in collaboration with Mostakbal City.

The city will fulfill the expectations for the target market. As well as master the first green city to be located in east of Cairo. The city will be built on the notion of integrating a private indulgent modern life and the pleasure of enjoying more sustainable green areas. Meeting the requirements of present and future environment

About Il Bosco City

Notably the concept behind the project is focusing on the key aspect of the city. The nurturing surroundings highlight the beauty of living in harmony. Localizing the notion of “IL BOSCO”, meaning the forest.

The aim of the project is to provide a fully serviced city to the owners. Allowing access to all the amenities found around the great municipality that is Cairo today. Advocating the experience of the designed scenery as a long lasting pedagogical and emotional experience. In order to encourage cultural and environmental resilient communities, is one of our main missions.

Il Bosco City Location

IL BOSCO City is located just minutes away from the New Capital. Moments away from Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque and directly positioned on Cairo’s main roads. Located in the extension of Golden Square, a few minutes away from the American University in Cairo. IL BOSCO City is perfectly located at the heart of the Mostakbal City. Developed to roll out on an impressive area of 11,000 acres. Mostakbal City is new Cairo’s largest integrated ‘Mega Green City’ setting sustainable development at its forefront to meet the
needs of the present and future environment. Master-planned to dedicate half of its total land area to green open spaces, and built to accommodate more than one million inhabitants. Mostakbal City sets a futuristic foundation for sustainable contemporary living. Allowing homeowners to connect with nature and each other while experiencing true well being on all life fronts.

Master Plan

City life encapsulates the eternal disharmony between technology and simplicity. At IL BOSCO City, the aim is to reflect the balance in the lifestyle through the urban fabric and architectural design. The community lifestyle allows for free force of organic living spreading upon the urban topography giving variable aspects to be integrated within the community in form of energy. With its polished modern picturesque greenery. The lifestyle provided at the city is a taste of what lies ahead in the future of being a resident at IL BOSCO City.

There is a lot of planning involved in capturing the natural essence. Rooted in the urban landscape, IL BOSCO City is curated to encapsulate the long lasting emotional experience the citizens witness in the fully integrated city. Fascinatingly designed districts with special attention to every detail that will astonish the user and translate the daily needs of a modern life into a one stop destination. The walkways attract residents to have a long walk by the stunning lakes and with the green parks embodied in each district. A cycling track and a community center are also complemented by play areas and green sweeping spaces that are impeccable for picnics or barbecues.

Amenities and Facilities

  • Villas, Apartments and Penthouse
  • Mixed Use Buildings, Retail and Office Spaces
  • Green River, Sky Bridge and Pedestrian Path
  • Branded and Serviced Apartment buildings
  • Iconic Buildings
  • Community Center, Culture Hub and Sports Center
  • Quality Oriented School and Calibre Medical Center
  • Triple Play Technology with Fiber Optic Network

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