Hyde Park has set out to infuse life into today’s modern concepts of living by transforming every little detail into an extravagant living experience. Everything within Hyde Park is enthralling, from world-class architecture to awe-inspiring designs and the limitless greenery and scenic lakes.

Hyde Park Development

Hyde Park residences are more than just concrete structures; they are a true manifestation of their homeowners. Inside each apartment and villa is a blank white canvas that can only be filled by you. It is an opportunity to create a home that truly reflects your soul.

Seven kilometers of walking and jogging trails weave their way throughout the development. Creating a pedestrian-friendly environment and promoting a greener, healthier lifestyle.

Hyde Park offer a myriad of residential options that reflect individual tastes and cater to every preference. Their strategic partnerships with world-renowned architects, contractors and consultants allows them to present top-notch architecture, inspired designs and impeccable building and finishing quality.

Hyde Park Apartments

The avant-garde apartment buildings at Hyde Park are dominated by an attractive fusion of architecture styles that blend classic French designs with contemporary themes. The building exteriors are an artistic balance of earth materials. Portraying a charming façade that mirrors the hearty spirit of Hyde Park. Large glass windows draw a line between outdoor and indoor, leaving enough room for you to define your own living space. The buildings include a variety of apartments and penthouses; ground floor units with private gardens and penthouses with private roofs are available. Units range from 78 to 268 square meters with your choice of 1-,2-, 3-, or 4-bedrooms.

Hyde Park Villas

The villas at Hyde Park are the crown jewels of the development, welcoming homeowners to an extravagant lifestyle of their making. They display an array of designs, from neoclassical architecture and Oriental motifs to Moroccan, Italian, and Californian-Spanish. Whether it’s a sleek modern design villa coupled with a private pool, a practical and sophisticated townhouse or twin house, or a white fenced Parisian style home, Hyde Park has it all. Townhouses range between 159 – 250 square metres, twin houses between 255 – 316 square metres, and villas between 227-1,287 square metres.

The Park

In the heart of Hyde Park is the largest landscaped park in Egypt, sprawling over 600,000 square metres. Amidst the extravagant and plush landscape of the park, children and adults can spend their mornings walking down the jogging trails, their afternoons strolling across the manicured gardens, and their evenings riding their bicycles along the park’s pathways. Charming garden pavilions, magnificent gazebos, joyful swing sets and dancing fountains gently dot the prodigal park. A Roman amphitheatre holds its ground, juxtaposed against the lush greenery. The quaint persona and abundance of nature come to life, inviting an air of serenity to sweep through the entire development.

Retail Complex

The Hyde Park retail complex offers an unprecedented, exotic fusion of shopping, dining, and recreation experiences. Spanning across a total area of 130,000 square meters, the complex includes over 1,000 retail units. Set to become one of Egypt’s largest shopping centers. The Hyde Park retail complex forms a vibrant manifestation of a thriving community. The center is home to just about every vogue brand in Egypt. Featuring high- and mid-end fashion retail outlets that pay honor to haute couture. The dining platform features an assortment of local, continental and international cuisines. In addition to a broad selection of cafés and bistros that promise unrivaled culinary experiences.


International Schools

As a fully-integrated community, Hyde Park features world-class educational facilities and learning experiences within its very own gated community. The development is home to two international schools that offer the very best of education within a community that nurtures progressive learning and promotes green living.


Each of Hyde Park’s 4 residential zones includes its private clubhouse. Offering homeowners a myriad of social and communal facilities in the vicinity of their home.

Sporting Club

The club will offer an extensive selection of sports and recreational facilities for, both, kids and adults, and will host major local and regional sports events and tournaments.

Medical Centre

Hyde Park’s medical centre lies within proximity of all residential clusters and is set to offer homeowners a myriad of top-notch medical services. The comprehensive medical complex is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and run by a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and administration.

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