Hyde Park Business District is a prestigious mixed use business district with international standard office spaces. Egypt has recently re-emerged on the global scene, attracting local, regional and foreign investors and corporations to its business market. The development of Cairo’s new administrative Capital has reinforced the country’s efforts to create long-term, sustainable prosperity, with more places to live and work.

Hyde Park Business District Location

The renewed focus on the business industry provides a myriad of opportunities for small, medium and large business alike. Moreover, the strategic location of Hyde Park Business District seamlessly connects Cairo’s existing and prospective business quarters, which helps bridge gaps for better prospects. Hyde Park’s shops, cafés, restaurants, and recreational facilities are within walking distance of the mixed-use Business District, therefore, offering everything you need within an arm’s reach.

Hyde Park Location


Hyde Park’s Business District serves as a focal point that links between New Cairo and the city’s new administrative capital: The Capital Cairo. Located right in the middle, Business District is only a 20-minute drive from either location. It also has direct access to the New Ring Road and New Cairo’s Road 90. In addition, it can be accessed through the main entrance on road 90.


Today’s businesses understand the importance of their employees’ wellbeing. Not only does it reflect on their overall health. It also emanates a positive vibe across the company and promotes work efficiencies.

Business District enjoys a most premium locale that is convenient, practical and calming. Nestled within Hyde Park New Cairo’s renowned park with its vast landscapes and lush greenery, as a result, the Business District is in immediate proximity of numerous recreational and commercial facilities.

The modern designs and angles are proof of man’s ingenuity, promising to add color to your working days. All of the office spaces come with at least one of many alluring views. These views will get your creative juices flowing and ensure your targets are met.


Hyde Park Development’s new generation of urban development has paved the way for strategic master planning that is market- and customer-oriented at its heart. That’s why every building at Business District was designed to impress, inside-out; from the aluminum and paint facade to the marble interiors and the grandiose, double-height ground floor entrances.


The District’s layout is unique, modern and optimal in terms of space and functionality. With three distinct building types, each edifice is elevated as though it were floating and positioned at a different angle that ensures undisturbed natural views and natural lighting.

Hyde Park Business District Facilities



Located in the middle of the Business District. The Piazza’s water feature, shaded patios, landscaped walkways as well as seating areas are the perfect place for employees and their guests to take their coffee breaks or enjoy an informal networking conversation.


With an ultra-modern design that complements Business District’s theme and signature motif, the Mosque stands as a distinctive icon of piety and beauty. The Mosque offers daily prayer services and is open for the District’s employees and guests.

Hyde Park Business District Services


Business District is easily accessible through the main entrance on road 90 leading to two drop off gates.


Because high-level security is vital round the clock, Business District features a full CCTV system and a comprehensive network of cameras, secured fencing, and security personnel.


State-of-the-art ICT provisions are available across the entire Business District, as well as to fibre optic cables, network connections and telephone lines. In addition, a back-up generator is available on site to ensure continuous and stable power supply.


You won’t need to waste time looking for one level basement parking & surface parking areas. Because Business District boasts a large number of parking spaces that span the entire complex area.

Building types

Business District has 3 distinct building types. All of which embrace a variety of floor and design layouts that are functional, flexible as well as efficient in nature. Moreover, the customizable horizontal and vertical layouts allow you to choose from single-room offices to entire floors or even entire buildings.

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