Heartwork Mountain View is Egypt’s first gated international business hub . Consequently, it is designed to afford high levels of luxury and convenience. Merging the science of happiness and the science of architecture is behind Heartwork’s outstanding concept and building designs. The science of Happiness is offered by Mountain View’s global partner DH, based in San Francisco, USA, while the Science of Design is offered by Callison RTKL, based in Dallas, USA and the regional subsidiary, DMA.

As the future of Cairo is heading towards the East, Heartwork’s location is very strategic; it is a part of Mountain View iCity at the heart of New Cairo overlooking the Middle Ring Road. Lying at the heart of East Cairo and minutes away from both New Cairo and the New Capital makes it a prime location for business owners.

Heartwork is built on 38 acres in Mountain View iCity New Cairo. As a result, they have wide green areas accompanying the office buildings, ensuring a breathtaking view for each building. The project’s design optimizes accessibility between office buildings and the facilities through long boulevards and jogging tracks. Moreover, with the first DH Office in the Middle East at the heart of the project. There is no better place any business would rather be.

Why Mountain View ?

Committed to providing world-class standards and building happy communities, Mountain View developed the 1st happy HQs in Egypt in collaboration with DH and CallisonRTKL. In other words, they lead by example. As a result, they created an environment that makes their employees healthier, happier and more productive.

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