Established to offer Palm Hills Developments’ customers a natural extension of the Golf Views neighborhood, Golf Extension is built on a well privileged location, allowing its customers’ enjoyment and accessibility of PHO [Palm Hills October] sister neighborhoods facilities and amenities. Housing 966 homes, golf extension offers comfort and enjoyment.

Palm Hills October, Golf Extension is the extension of Golf Views and is built on a privileged location allowing it’s residents the luxurious facilities and amenities of Palm Hills October.
Available Types: Towns, Twins and Stand Alone Villas
Payment Terms:
5% Down Payment
10% Contract Payment after the first three months
85% remaining paid over 6 years, without interest

Golf Extensions Palm Hills location: 6th October Egypt

The Developer:

With a vision to create self-sufficient communities, Palm Hills Developments became an ever-growing leader in residential and commercial real estate. 

Capitalizing on market opportunities by acquiring land in strategic locations and developing communities for a rapidly growing demand; Palm Hills Developments became a trend-setter for innovative, fully integrated communities, as an Egyptian developer. With a multitude of projects in residential, commercial and tourism destination resorts under its helm, Palm Hills Developments is growing with strong momentum; offering high standard of quality and a seamless livable experience.

As the result of a dynamic market, they are able to push their boundaries, develop and recreate better livable communities. What has long set them apart is a deep commitment to innovation.

Spanning over 13.3 million sqm, their portfolio is a showcase of masterful creativity. It encompasses twelve projects, including Palm Hills October, Golf Views, Golf Extension, Woodville, Palm Parks, Palm Valley and CASA; to accommodate 5,600 households. Unit Spaces vary from 150 sqm to 2,000 sqm. West Cairo projects have dedicated 197k sqm to services and retail facilities to serve Palm Hills’ residents and visitors.

Golf Extensions Masterplan:

Palm Hills Developments

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