Spaces have souls that evolve from simple houses into warm homes when they focus on what makes you happy the most. At Fouka Bay, you are an architect of your own destiny, that’s why we follow an inside-out approach
carefully considering how you comfortably, and authentically engage with your natural surroundings. The following pages invite you to step into an intimate world of convenient luxury to discover Fouka Bay’s The House Hotel & Residence; a soulful and enriching seafront living experience where innovative concepts turn into a reality, so you can enjoy both the simplest, and grandest gestures of our sun soaked island life.

The Fouka Bay Experience:

Wake up to a joyous mosaic of 12 island clusters, beckoning paradise-surroundings; fringed by 7 km of white sandy beaches, and soaked in
Crystal Lagoons® all around. Expertly conceived by Tatweer Misr Developments, and world-renowned Italian architects Gianluca Peluffo
and Partners, Fouka Bay is the place to socialize, relax and repose, as you experience a unique profusion of tropical island life. The development
brings to fruition a special blend of beachfront simplicity, and true exclusivity, so that you can enjoy a front-row seat onto Ras El Hekma’s virgin coastline.

Every home at Fouka Bay is crafted around your relaxation, and enjoyment. Leave the pressures of city traffic behind, and journey across floating
landscapes to connect with your loved ones as you enjoy exciting water sport activities, world-class dining experiences, and year-round


Blissfully basking by Ras El Hekma’s gleaming coastline to boast an exclusive spot on the North Coast’s azure shoreline, Fouka Bay
rolls out on 1 million square meters to offer an abundance of signature
experiences, you’d normally have to travel thousands of miles for. Planned with your convenience in mind, the idyllic development is just a
pleasant 2 hour drive from Cairo, and only a minute away from Fouka Highway. It is also ideally located 211 km from Alexandria, and 75 km from Marsa Matrouh, setting itself as the greatest year-round escape in the North

The House Hotel and Residence:

Surrounded by unobscured sea, and lagoon views in every direction, The House Hotel & Residence is an inviting waterfront enclave that
brings the wonders of the Mediterranean Coast straight to your door.
Unbound by walls but rather filled with waterfront memories, each serviced apartment offers multiple interior moods to choose from while
enjoying an exclusive seat onto mesmerizing sea views, to seamlessly combine premium quality, beachfront exclusivity, and contemporary
elegance designed to enrich your life and senses.

The Developer:

Since its inception in 2014, Tatweer Misr has been a vital catalyst for change, delivering incomparable value through exemplary projects that master all facets of development. 

Boasting a wealth of industrial and technical expertise, Tatweer Misr has been offering an innovative outlook on integrated living to strongly emerge as a leading real-estate developer in Egypt, fulfilling the rising demand on mixed-use projects that enrich the life of its communities.  

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