Coast 82 is a beach destination created in harmony with its surrounding natural environment. It’s a place where the human footprint can tread lightly to bestow upon the heart, mind and soul a sophisticated yet vibrant connection with nature

Coast 82 Experience:

This treasure trove of beauty and tranquility is bound by nature in every direction and dimension. The blue of water and green of landscape make a bold and natural statement of beauty that blends in with the modern architecture, its earthy tones and refined luxury. Every man-made structure is embellished with natural elements extracted from the development’s site. As a result, adding to its charm and seamlessly blending it with the natural surroundings.

The Community:

Coast 82 aspires to create an authentic “sense of place” that establishes new heights and trends of contemporary coastal lifestyles. Revolving around family and community. The development is divided into several living zones, each with its distinct character and theme to cater to every taste,
need and preference.

However different they may be, the zones are closely knit with a common ambience of refined luxury and a network of green landscapes that are enriched by social and environmental elements.

Coast 82 Features:


From a deserted valley to a green oasis of luxury, Coast 82 was developed to accentuate the beauty of the existent topography. Rather than demolish and build on it. The result is a magnificent oasis valley that was carefully planned and designed to optimize the use of the land’s peaks and troughs. This ensures that every unit enjoys utmost privacy and marvelous views of the turquoise sea or breath-taking lagoons.

To maintain its innate beauty, Coast 82 has taken a nature-conservative approach. Whereby the native topography of valleys and stepped elevations is maintained throughout the development.


Blending in all of nature’s elements, beauty and luxury transcend from the turquoise waters and white sandy beach and across Coast 82’s vast green valleys and its lavish homes, high on their naturally elevated hills.


Coast 82 takes living to a whole new level with its inspiring and avant-garde theme and design. The bold and modern architecture is carved within the native landscape. As a result, having seamlessly blending with the stillness of the land and naturally arching with the flow of the currents, valleys and dunes.


The limited number of homes maintains a sense of privacy. As well as, allows every homeowner to appreciate the beauty of nature with breathtaking views of the sea, lagoons and green landscapes. The development’s site was carefully designed to make the best use of this natural elevation and offer vast spacing between the homes; this promises comfort and privacy for those in their homes, and a scenic experience for those outside.

The Developer:

The Hyde Park Developments footprint is now widely recognized in the real estate market and deeply engraved in the hearts and minds of its customers. Mega projects were rolled out to set the standard roof high for construction projects across the Egyptian market, like:

Hyde Park New Cairo spans over 6 million sqm. Comprising prestigious residential, commercial, leisure and entertainment facilities uniquely located around the development’s masterstroke; a breathtaking landscaped park stretching over 600,000 sqm. With panoramic views, placid lakes and 7km of walking and jogging trails hugging the residential zones. 

Coast 82 project in Sahel that spans an area of 1.1 million sqm that embrace an Oasis Valley concept; luxurious villas, chalets and apartments that are encompassed within the development’s luscious parks, green valleys, breathtaking lagoons and a 550-meter private beach.

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