City Edge Developments is an Egyptian developer of suburban residential communities and top-quality mixed-use projects. A partnership between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank, we are set to bring forward superior quality products and best-in-class solutions that do not only cater to the modern lifestyle, but also adds value to the Egyptian market.

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With the major changes occurring in Egypt’s real estate market, we strive to get to every opportunity first and seize it we an “EDGE”. That us our margin of superiority. Established in 2017 as a partnership between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and developments Bank, we strives to become the national brand for Premium Real Estate developments in Egypt. At City Edge, we advocate progressive concepts that yield exceptional living experience.

Latest Project:

As the pioneering real estate company building a residential project in New Mansoura City. City Edge are excited to see the future come to life with a project bound to flourish amidst the promising new capital of the Delta. With a vow of a new future equipped with technological advancements, trade, commercial as well as retail opportunities. Zahya New Mansoura will only provide more clarity for the vision of this new city. By housing its residents in homes that provide complete living experiences.

As a hybrid of modernity, nature and balance. Zahya New Mansoura makes all pieces of the puzzle fall together. With a city built on the foundations of progress as well as futuristic achievements complemented with the unwinding bliss of nature.

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