Bo Sands is the other part of the mega 1000 acres project Bo Sidi Abdelrahman that’s found in one of Egypt’s most popular summer destinations, the North Coast. Maxim Developments wanted to offer only the best to its residents so. It chose an exceptional location for its project as it’s right next to New Alamein City. This 300 acres magical piece of land has access to some of the vital roads and facilities. It’s 18 km from Old Alamein Road, 40 km from Eldabaa Road extension and 55 km from from El Alamein International airport.

Bo Sands offers high end chalets, and dedicates 82% of its total area to the crystal lagoons and colorful landscape. As a result, governing the privacy and amusement of its residents. In Addition, it also features a number of entertaining facilities and services, including: a hotel, a water front clubhouse, a beach front commercial strip, a mall, water activities and a sports hub. 

Bo Sands Location:

  • Located at kilo 120 Alexandria-Matrouh Road, and only 15 km away from Marina village. Bo Sands is overlooking the best areas of the North Coast with charming turquoise. The resort is designed to provide year-round services and facilities to all residents and visitors.
  • Bo Sands North Coast has been developed on 300 acres of which only 205 have been allocated for construction and residential units while the remaining space was left for the landscape..


  • The largest amusement park on the North Coast is located inside the resort.
  • The resort has an international university.
  • International 4 and 5 star hotels hotels to provide more comfort and luxury to the visitors and guests.
  • A health club designed according to the latest international standards.
  • 24/7 Security and guarding.

The Developer:

The late company’s founder, Mr. I. Wagdy Karrar, established the first company of The Maxim Group in 1980, a time characterized by radical Change in Egypt. The country was going through a period of political, social, economic and cultural transformation. During this flourishing period, people started truly pursuing a better quality of life in terms of accommodation. As well as, employment and even entertainment and leisure activities. The quality threshold of convenience, modern day life products and services highly sought after by people escalated tremendously, and continue to do so to our day.

As part of the new era, Maxim dedicated its business to help Egyptians achieve what they want by translating their wishful needs to reality through an innovative spectrum of projects and services.

For over three decades, Maxim has focused on different dynamic business ventures as per market needs. This along the establishment and development of luxury residential, commercial entertainment and leisure projects. In all these endeavors and across all fronts, we have taken pride in our continuous ability to introduce prosperous projects, products and services. As pioneer developers and investors in numerous and comprehensive business ventures. We have committed ourselves to uphold the best practices as we carry on our ambitious expansion and diversification plans.

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