Bo Islands is the latest addition to Maxim’s projects. The Project is inspired by the Bohemian architecture concept, and with Eco-friendly features. Bo Islands offers an array of property types, ranging from luxurious standalone villas to cozy chalets. The master plan was uniquely designed by the internationally renowned architects and master planners AECOM and HCP; its most prominent feature is that each property is a waterfront. There will be so much to delight the eye at Bo Islands. The beautiful beach side setting, the specially designed network of lagoons, canals and islands, the lush public and private green space and the Bohemian concept that makes the properties themselves so unique and distinctive.

The Bo Islands Experience:

Bo Islands’ waterside residences – its four villa types, one townhouse and two chalet models, have been designed by the Spanish architectural practice HCP. Inspired by a Bohemian sensibility. As a result, the character expresses itself in the fabrics within the buildings and the facades which are adorned by reproductions of the works of major artists like Dali, Miró, Mondrian, Picasso and Van Gogh.

It also appears in the bold use of external colors and textures. Which accentuate the modern designs, as well as in the space-planning that enables you to enjoy a relaxed inside-outside lifestyle. You’ll also find a range of activities to enrich your time at this exclusive resort. Generous sports and leisure facilities, varied dining and retail amenities, two luxury hotels, a health and beauty spa. As well as, an environment-friendly tram service and a pedestrian network of paths and walkways. All have been created to complement your water front experience.

The Location:

It is situated at the very heart of Sidi Abdelrahman Bay, at KM 120 on the Alexandria/ Marsa Matrouh North Coast Road.

The Developer:

The late company’s founder, Mr. I. Wagdy Karrar, established the first company of The Maxim Group in 1980, a time characterized by radical Change in Egypt. The country was going through a period of political, social, economic and cultural transformation. During this flourishing period, people started truly pursuing a better quality of life in terms of accommodation. As well as, employment and even entertainment and leisure activities. The quality threshold of convenience, modern day life products and services highly sought after by people escalated tremendously, and continue to do so to our day.

Maxim was created in that momentum of change and growth. As part of the new era, Maxim dedicated its business to help Egyptians achieve what they want. This is achieved by translating their wishful needs to reality through an innovative spectrum of projects and services. The company was founded on the basis of contributing to upgrade Egyptians quality of life. By seizing every potential opportunity in various sectors of the market and providing exceptional quality projects, products and services to the community. All whilst ensuring optimum customer satisfaction and return on investments. 

For over three decades, Maxim has focused on different dynamic business ventures as per market needs. In addition, the establishment and development of luxury residential, commercial entertainment and leisure projects. In all these endeavors and across all fronts, we have taken pride in our continuous ability to introduce prosperous projects, products and services. As pioneer developers and investors in numerous and comprehensive business ventures. In conclusion, we have committed ourselves to uphold the best practices as we carry on our ambitious expansion and diversification plans. 

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