About Cairo Gate

The Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed project is the most luxurious residential complex that is in Sheikh Zayed City. It is the latest work of the Emirati company “Emaar Misr“. They put his experience in the real estate world to produce a residential hotel project at the highest level and includes the integrated services that every family needs, who want a comfortable life. Cairo Gate is famous with the availability of integrated infrastructure, educational and entertainment, and distinctive services to the consumer. It includes all the services that make the family live a life of luxury and enjoy the beauty and psychological comfort in the arms of charming nature. There are many properties for sale in Cairo Gate such as villas, townhouses and apartments.


Cairo Gate Location

A good location is the basis of a distinctive integrated project in the heart of the 6th of October City. Its location is special for the following advantages. The compound is strategically located on Cairo Road as well as Alexandria Desert Road. The location is close to major roads and hubs. Including the Sphinx Airport which is far just 15 minutes. You can reach Heliopolis in less than 50 minutes and in a few minutes, you can reach Dandy Shopping Center. The compound is in Sheikh Zayed City. It is one of the most vital areas in 6th of October City. It also includes many recreational services, especially Zed Park, which is one of the largest recreational parks for adults and children.

The space of the Cairo Gate compound

Emaar has engineers and technicians at the highest level of experience, so the project’s design is on a large area of ​​approximately 150 acres. To include all possible services to ensure the well-being and comfort of customers. The space is big so that a large part of it occupies green spaces and water bodies. While a small part of it is for buildings and residential units. For an area that includes a large shopping centre on an area of ​​120,000 meters. It includes the most famous brands, and there is an entertainment complex in a special place in the building. With regard to apartments and residential units, the company takes into account diversity to achieve the desires of all customers, as there are regular apartments, duplexes, villas, townhouses and twin houses, with various spaces that are avaliable according to the needs of each family.

Features of properties for sale in Cairo Gate

It is worth noting that the executing company of the project, Emaar Misr Desarullo Immobiliario, has developed a wonderful plan in a professional way to establish a shopping centre in a large area of ​​the project with an area of ​​120,000 square meters while maintaining the total area of ​​the project. To be implemented as a creative masterpiece on the ground inside the Sheikh Zayed Compound from Cairo Gate. Among the most prominent international brands that chose the project as an authorized outlet are: IKEA – Esprit – Marks and Spencers – Guess. Many other brands. It is worth noting that the company had previously announced the construction of the largest entertainment complex with a luxurious and distinguished lifestyle, especially in the best locations.

Services of properties for sale in Cairo Gate

Emaar Misr, the owner of this huge project, sought to provide all the comfort and luxury services to its residents. It is keen to provide many exclusive services that meet all your needs and satisfy your desires. So, we mention the following. Inside the Sheikh Zayed Gate of Cairo, security personnel and reinforced security elements work within 24 hours. To preserve property and ensure the stability of all residents. Full protection was also provided by implementing a series of modern surveillance cameras. That monitor all movements and events that occur every day.

Additionally, you can enjoy an international shopping experience inside Cairo Gate. Inside the largest shopping centre has a number of shops offering brands and brands that suit their taste. Creating large and spacious garages that include many owners’ cars. Cairo Gate provides the best medical services by establishing health centres with a number of doctors. Moreover, pharmacies with imported medicines and treatments operate 24 hours a day. Interest in providing various educational services through the establishment of nurseries.