Alma Iwan is the de-facto central of Sheikh Zayed. The center of the new suburban hub that is beginning to thrive with a whole new range of leisure activities and amenities.

More Egyptians are leaving activities and amenities. For the Cairo suburbs searching in the aim of finding a better quality of life; however, the further you move out, the more disassociated you feel with central Cairo which is the hub to the majority of activities that enrich Egyptian lives. This is the problem that ALMA strives to solve for a whole new generation with its Family Houses, Twin Houses and Standalone Villas.

Alma Iwan Unit Types:

  • Family homes Alma
  • Twin Homes
  • Villas

The Developer:

Iwan Developments believes in creating FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOODS. Neighborhoods in which the surrounding community works together to be the best they can be.

A FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD is a cohesive unit that operates as one harmonious entity. IWAN believes that a happy home is the foundation of a happy neighborhood.

A happier home means vibrant communities and consequently with even happier people. This is precisely what we are aspiring to achieve. Creating FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOODS is the backbone of what IWAN is trying to achieve with each and every compound we build.

Iwan focuses on relevant innovation from idea to delivery.  Their business is based on integration and attention to details that brings value. Every business decision will support the development of IWAN’s equity and business.

IWAN’s success is based on sustainability; they are committed to superior returns and sustainable development for future generations.

Alma location: 6th October Egypt

Alma Compound is located in a strategic and attractive location which made it a golden chance for many people.

  • 3 minutes away from Americana Plaza.
  • 5 minutes away from Hyper One.
  • It’s in front of the Mehwar 26 of July so you can reach many different vital places in the 6th of October city.
  • 20 minutes away from Mall of Egypt, and 10 minutes from the Mall of Arabia.
  • 7 minutes away from the Nile University for Science and Technology through El Mehwar Road.
  • 15 minutes away from Dar El Fouad Hospital.

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