Address Marassi Beach Resort is a hotel and resort project launched by Emaar Hospitality and is one of the very unique hotel projects of the company in Egypt. The hotel is designed with the highest standards in the world, and with resort, services to offer a unique experience for its residents, that can’t be achieved easily elsewhere. 

The hotel and resort located in the North Coast of Egypt, lies at one of the locations that offer turquoise water and soft sand, considered as some of the best in the world, at Sidi Abdel Rahman in Al Alamein city, on the Mediterranean sea. 

Location and design of Address Marassi Beach Resort:

The location of Address Marassi Beach Resort is a perfect one on Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, in Alamein city, which is one of the most promising cities in Egypt. 

The hotel is part of the well known Marassi resort in the North Coast, that is now one of the most successful and demanded resorts in the north coast. It only comprises 140 luxury rooms and suites with outstanding services and features, making it a very unique destination for vacations. 

About the Developer:

Address Marassi Beach Resort is developed by Emaar Hospitality Group, a subsidiary company of Emaar Properties, the developer of the main Marassi resort, that is one of the top successful resorts in Egypt, in addition to a number of other compounds around the country that are all making incredible successes. 

Emaar Hospitality group is also operating a number of other hotels in addition to this one, including five luxurious hotels in Dubai, and Address Marassi Golf Resort and Spa in Egypt. 

Address Marassi Golf Resort and Spa is another Marassi hotel that offers 49 rooms and 68 Tuscan styled units that are serviced by the hotel. 

Features and services of Address Marassi Beach Resort:

Address Marassi beach resort offers a range of features that you can find from a luxurious hotel, including daycare, food, sport and fitness and leisure services. 

Being a Marassi hotel adds much upon the list of features as Marassi offers many facilities and features for all of its residents. This includes the high standards security of the resort that utilizes the latest tech for keeping the community as safe and enjoyable as possible. 

There are many other services and features that include swimming pools, community services, sport facilities, commercial services including a mall and hypermarket, restaurants and cafes, medical services and much more. 

Units and rooms:

Being a hotel, Address Marassi Beach Resort offers only 140 rooms and suites, making it very unique. The rooms and suites are all facing the breathtaking view of the sea and meters away from the soft sands of the private beach of the hotel and resort. 

As you can expect from hotels the prices can depend on many factors and the time of the year, so you can check just before reservation. 

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